Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hello from the beach!

Investigator: 11 yr old named Tiara. We are teaching her and her mom, but her mom is on a lot of drugs and has a hard time understanding a lot of things.

T= Tiara
SM = Sister Missionaries

ALRIIIIIGHT. Let me set the scene for you.
Tiara loves going to church but has told us she was bullied at her last church.
Tiara's mom's name is Merissa. (mer-ee-sa) Like what my grandpa brown used to call me.
Merissa is kinda lost right a couple months ago she realized she needed help.
So she walked into our church one day and asked how she could learn more about it. Someone gave her a gospel principles book and she read it!
Well a couple months ago us missionaries tracted into her at her house and she was kinda excited because she remembered she had our book.

SO Sister Nielson and I go over a couple weeks later to follow up.

We are teaching the "Plan of Salvation." Which is a beautiful lesson that helps answer all the questions of "why we are here?" "where are we going after we die?" and "what's our purpose being here on earth?"

SM = So that is our lesson for today, are there any questions?
T = Well you know how in the days of Noah how God destroyed the earth with the flood?
SM = Yes, that's right!
T = So when Jesus comes again God said he's going to destroy the earth with fire right?
SM = yes!
T = Well, how are we supposed to know when that's going to happen if God is not speaking to us anymore?
SM = *****mouth of sister brown drops open******

Well I was just so astonished that an 11 year old asked such an amazing question!!!

Sister Nielson and I were able to tell her that God IS SPEAKING to us!
That we have Prophets and Apostles, just as in times of old!

SM = Would you want to be baptized by the proper priesthood authority from Jesus Christ that has been restored to the earth?

T = Yes!!!
SM = We know it will bless your life SO much! We will help you prepare for that and make sure that you know what it really means!
T = What about people that have died without being baptized?
SM = We will tell you more about that in our next lesson :)

Okay I was blown away again!
She is the most golden investigator ever and she is only 11 years old! Wow!
So that was our miracle for the week.

For our experimental new district lunch this week....we ate Thai Food at this really cool Thai place called the "White Lotus"
I LOVE PAD THAI! but this time I got some curry.
You even sit on the ground and eat on pillows.

Here are a couple of awkward animal photos from the week.

I really enjoy catching frogs and lizards.

The most exciting animal photo from this week is that....
I SAW AN ALLIGATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so excited! I have been waiting my whole mission to see an alligator!
We found this guy in a swamp called Davis bayou by the ocean, a member took us there because she says she has seen alligators there before!

Well driving through town here are 2 cool things
There is a house that looks like beetle juice right on the coast, i wonder if someone famous lives there.

And here is the Hard Rock, casino!
We are teaching a guy named Corey and he is the chef there! He is getting baptized really soon!

Get ready because I'm going to have a lot of baptisms coming up!
The Lord is blessing this area so much! I am so happy to be here in ocean springs and I wish that all of you could be here with me seeing all the cool things and meeting all the wonderful brothers and sisters that I get to grow so close to.

We are teaching lots of families and it's so wonderful to see how much they change!!!!
I love Jesus, I love all of you, and I love the wonderful people of the south!!!

Peace out till next time!!!
Love, Sister Brown

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