Monday, March 2, 2015

Exciting News!

Hey everyone.
WELL to start off, I have some exciting news:

I will be "dying" or ending my mission in Ocean Springs, Mississippi!
And to finish... I will be training another new misisonary!
3rd times the charm, right? :)

I feel very blessed. I feel that the Lord trusts me to let me stay in an area so long and that He trusts me to be training these new missionaries.
I am grateful that I get to finish my time here in ocean springs and I really do feel like this is where I am supposed to be right now.

Well, we had a great week this week. We ate some Chinese food at Sister Melton's house for a combined family home evening we did with the Thomas family!
Very easy recipe - you cook spam in oyster sauce and make little rice patties and wrap it in seaweed! BAM - #asianfood

Something sneaky that I have been enjoying is heart attacking people!
We cut out hearts and write stuff on them and then doorbell ditch!
Its so fun to do that because i know people love it and it brings me joy as well!

We had the car this week; I am always grateful when we have the car. So we have been trying to go out to the country parts of our area that don't get covered as much.

We have fun driving through the country and seeing all the lovely trees out in Vancleave. We turn on some Mormon Tabernacle Choir, roll them windows down, and put the sunnies on!
And while we were out tracting on saturday we found a cute little farm! The family that lived there was super nice and they let us visit their animals which we of course, loved :)

The best part of my week was the baptism of Schylar Harris! Her daddy, Bobby was able to baptize her and it was a very special day!
Schylar was so excited and even though the water was a little cold she did a great job :)

Bobby and Stephanie Harris also have callings now in the church and they are just making so much progress and I am so happy to work with their family!

Unfortunately time is short today but I will send a longer update next week with lots of news on my last companion!!!! :( :)

I will miss Sister Mcgregor and her bubbly sunshine personality! She is a light to all those we have been teaching and she always makes me laugh :)
May we go on in such a great cause!!!!
Love, Sister Brown


  1. So blessed to see/hear from you on your mission. you are amazing!

  2. Can't believe you're dying already! Congrats to Schylar! We live you here in Mississippi Country!

  3. Can't believe you're dying already! Congrats to Schylar! We live you here in Mississippi Country!