Sunday, October 12, 2014

Birthday Blessins!!!

I have so many pictures and so much to say about this week, i don't even know what to write!!!!!

Well first I want to talk about my teaching this week!

Awkward moment of the week:
Sister Sowards and I were out tracting yesterday and we knock on this door. 3 HUGE dogs jump out of no where up onto the porch and are jumping on us! Well that kinda freaked us out so we just slowly walked away from the door!
Well.... one of the dogs followed us about a mile down the road. We couldn't get her to go home! We named her sandy and she walked with us until we had to drive away!
Haha it was pretty funny! I guess I really am the dog whisperer.

Okay........ Miracle of the week!
So about a week ago, Sister Sowards and I were walking to the library to go do some research and on the way we felt prompted to knock on a few doors as we were going.
Well what do you know, we find a VERY sweet girl named Ashley, she is a young black mother with 3 kids inside.
She giggles a lot and apoligizes for her grumpy kids, but we don't care! We tell her we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we have a message we would like to share with her today.

Ashley didn't have a lot of time but she let us visit for a minute. She saw the copy of the Book of Mormon I was holding and asked about what it was. We gladly told her, and she reached her hand out and asked if she could read it!
We were so excited!

Well, a couple days ago we went back to visit with her and she says
"I haven't read very much....."
"I have only read the testimony of 3 witnesses, the testimony of the 8 witnesses.... the testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith.... the Introduction.... and the first couple chapters of the book."

WELLLL I was trying to not have my mouth drop to the ground because that is the most someone has ever read when we left the Book of Mormon with them!!!!

And THEN Ashely says
"So tell me about Le-fi." "And Ma-row-nee is Mormon's son?" "And he's the angel that came to the boy jospeh smith and tell him where dis gold plates at?

Well we had the best lesson with her. Answered all her questions, and she is excited to learn more. I was amazed at the knowledge that she has and the ability to recognize truth!
She even accepted a baptismal date, and we taught her about the Priesthood, why we need to be baptized by proper authority.

Here is a cute puppy that our friends got! It looks like my old dog, buddy!

Kirby the sweet old lady that we are teaching is still doing amazing! She loved the Women's Broadcast of general conference. She watched it all by herself at her house!
If you missed the session or are curious to what was said.... go here!

I also got to attend this week the baptism of a little girl that I started teaching when I was in Brownlee! This is the Kopp family and I know I have talked about them and put pictures on my blog before... but here is a pic of their family while I was in brownlee and getting to go to the baptism that night!!!!

We found out that the movie "Meet the Mormons" is coming to theatres in Shreveport and we are so excited because we got enough people to request it! The missionaries don't get to go see it in theatres, but we get to watch it when we have zone conference in a few weeks.

Well before I have to go, I had the best birthday ever!
I woke up on my birthday and Sister Sowards had sneakily decorated out apartment while I was asleep! Everything was so cute!!!!

I loved opening my presents from my family and also thank you to the Vance family for your little package of goodies as well! I am so spoiled!

We had a great day at church. It was fast and testimony meeting so we didn't eat breakfast or lunch but one of the families in the ward had signed up to feed us dinner that night. The Quick family told us to be at their house at 6:15 pm. They live close to the church in stonewall, so we drove our car to church, and just stayed out working the rest of the day in that area.

Well Sister Williams, calls us and tells us she has something that she really needs to give to Sister Quick, but that she wasn't feeling well and we would really be doing her a favor if we could pick it up before dinner.

I turn to Sister Sowards and tell her that we could maybe do it tomorrow.....??? Sister Williams lives about 15 miles away from the Quicks, and we were not even close to her house!

Well Sister Sowards and I talk and she tells me that Sister Williams is always doing SO much for us... the least we could do is help her out when she's not feeling well. I hesitantly agree because it was just a lot of miles to drive, but we agreed to help Sister Williams out, it's what Heavenly Father would want us to do!

So after driving for about 30 mins, we arrive at Sister Williams. I pulled up at her house and we walk in the door and i hear


Look around to see my stonewall ward family all cheering and smiling at me!
Tears of gratitude and a little embarrassment filled my eyes! And I just felt Heavenly Father's love as I looked at all these people that I LOVE and I am just so grateful that I know them!

Well I will post pictures of the party below, we had a fish fry, birthday cake, and lots of laughs! I am so spoiled!!!!!! Best birthday ever, the only thing missing was my family!
Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

ALL this was made possible by the wonderful compassionate service leader - Cheri Williams and my best friend Sister McKenna Sowards! OH I love them!

I love ya'll! Have a blessed week!
Love, Sister Marissa Spoiled-pants Brown

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