Wednesday, April 29, 2015

True Happiness

This will be my last post from the mission field.
I can't believe my time is coming to a close. It has honestly flew by in the blink of an eye. I have changed so much and learned how to be a true disciple of Christ. I can say that I have had a mighty change of heart.

I don't feel like I live the gospel now because I should, or because anyone is making me. I have found true happiness.
I have learned how to CHOOSE to follow the savior. He doesn't want to drag us.... but he is always there, drawing us to him.

As a missionary.... I have felt kindof like a doctor.
Everyone has problems. And I have told people how to make all their problems a little easier.... but something much better than temporary relief.
A new life can be ours for the taking!
And as I see people accept the message, accept the gospel, make promises and covenants, my heart is so happy. Of course, it is up to them whether they are going to keep it up! Life isn't easy. We have to put effort into making our lives something special. We have to rely on the savior to guide us. We have to accept his help when we feel like we aren't good enough.

There quite a few people I know and love here that mean so much to me and struggle with many physical limitations or challenges.
There are even many more that struggle with emotional or spiritual challenges.

They impress me SO much. No matter how hard things get.... they keep going. They love Jesus. They love the missionaries. They feel better when we share our testimonies and I can see how their challenges have shaped them into a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes that has to happen.
It happened to me!!!
The challenges we are faced with are opportunities to rely on HIM. They are not punishment. They are opportunities to increase our faith.
I can't wait till the next life when all our problems, challenges, trails... what have you.... are GONE. We are perfect. I can't wait to run and hug some of these people that I think about and now their problems are gone....
It will be so worth the run! When we can run to hug our brother, our savior Jesus Christ! Oh, how he loves us.

There was someone this week that really hurt my heart.
I know that the Atonement is for missionaries too.
missionaries ESPECIALLY.

A few tender mercies from the week:
1. The visiting teaching miracle:
We went visiting teaching with our Relief Society president, Sister Fay. I felt very impressed to see a sister that hasn't been to church in a long time. The Sister Missionaries that were here before I got here used to see Sister Lynch often. A few weeks after I got here, we made her cookies and went by... She told us she just got diagnosed with diabetes and she didn't really want the cookies, but that it was nice. She then told us she didn't really want church contact anymore.
That was about 7 months ago. We pass by her house all the time, but I remembered her wishes and never felt like we should go see her.
Whether it was the spirit, or an angel, I do not know. As Sister Fay picked us up in her car though, I got a very strong impression to go visit Sister Lynch.
I didn't know what to expect.

She welcomed us in warmly and after talking about her cats and her favorite TV shoes, Sister Fay asked if she could assign Sister Lynch some visiting teachers from the church to come and see her once a month and attend to her spiritual and physical needs! Sister Lynch said "no.....i'm not really looking to getting back into church at this time."
There was a bit of an awkward silence, but then I asked if Sister Nash and I could share a scripture about the savior. We talked about how his is the Bread of Life. That he can meet all our needs. And we wished her well and said a prayer to leave!
To my surprise, just as we are closing the door, Sister Lynch says "okay, okay, you can assign me some visiting teachers. As long as they call ahead before they visit."

Ah! That was a miracle! :) There is such power that comes from the scriptures and talking about the savior. It's amazing. There is only one person that can open hearts and we all know who that is..............

2. The Book of Mormon Miracle
Stories like this happen all the time... just so you know.
I had my last exchange with the other sister missionaries a few days ago! And guess who got to be my companion???? Sister Hartley! My very first companion from Canada!
We started together... and we are finishing together :)
Well Sister Hartley and I are both sprinting to the end. And we decided that Saturday we were going to set a goal to give out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon.
We planned to give one to an investigator, Miss Debbie.
Well we showed up for our appointment and she said that it was a bad day.... so we went to go see Sister Harris, Gabe's mom instead.
We shared a message with her and turns out we never gave her a Book of Mormon! So we were able to give her her very own copy!!!! (#1)

A few hours later, we were planning to go tracting (knocking on doors) But we had to stop after a few doors because it started POURING RAIN and there was lightening and thunder everywhere!
We saw a dog get struck by lightening! I can't believe that, it was so sad!
So we went to see Julie, her kids just got baptized in December, and her sister in law Linda got baptized in february. So we went to see Julie and she has a friend that is living with her right now! We were able to give her friend Tan a book of mormon too! (#2)
(P.s. Tan came to church this past sunday!)

A lot more happened throughout the day. I felt prompted to bring a Book of Mormon stories book in my purse to read a story to a family we went to teach in the afternoon. It is the Book of Mormon that is for kids and has comics and simplifies it a lot :) We didn't have time to go home after visiting the family so I just had to carry the Childrens book with me! I didn't think we were going to be able to give away another book of mormon because all we had left was a dinner appointment!
The people that fed us dinner are awesome and they do not believe in God right now, but they are raising their children to believe in God! They come to our church and bring their kids. It was so nice of them to feed us dinner!
Their daughter, Madi has a regular book of mormon, but it's hard for her to read because she is only 6.
We were able to give her the Childrens version and i'm so glad that I grabbed it and had to keep it with me because we didn't have time to go home!
Isn't the spirit amazing?

I have LOVED every moment of being a missionary. I can honestly saw that I don't think there was one day my whole mission that I wished that I was home instead.
I have been so grateful to be here.
Lately I have been breathing a little slower.... taking time to smell the flowers... admire all the trees and swamps.... and sometimes we will be walking and it will just hit me in the face...
What a great calling.
I turn to my companion and say "Guess what! We are missionaries right now! Isn't it amazing!!!!!" Sister Nash is the best. :) She just smiles at me and is always so patient and diligent!
To be honest I am scared to death of going home! I know that not being able to do this full time will take a toll on my spirituality. I have learned good habits though, and I think that I have learned how to be in the world and not of the world

I was reading John this morning and it really inspired me.
John 9:4
"I must work the works of Him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work"
John 12:35-36
"Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whether he goeth..... While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light.
These things spake Jesus, and departed."

The savior will come again soon. We need to be ready. I am so grateful for all the light i have gained in my life. I can say that I am 100% more happy that I have ever been. And I can keep this with me forever, because I can keep the savior with me forever.
You don't have to be a missionary to have the savior stand by your side.
We all have the choice.
Are you happy?

To close, I will share with you one of my favorite scriptures.

I testify of the Savior's love! For each one of us personally.
I testify that the atonement is real. We all need to experience the healing power.
I know prayers are heard, I know that angels are all around us.
I know that we need access to that power... we need the spirit with us.
We need to know that grace is not just for the moments we feel we have it all together.
We need grace everyday.
And we need to love others. Above all, we need to treat others with kindness and love as the savior did. 
I testify that we are happier when we get outside of ourselves.
I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints, is the TRUE and living church on the earth today.
The fullness of the gospel can be found. It is not lost. It is right here!
It is what I represent.
I am not perfect. But I have learned how to put my trust in God. I have given him all the bad parts of me and asked him to make me better.
I testify that Christ is the master shepherd. Do not make him come find you!
I know we are BLESSED as we keep the commandments.
I know the gospel is a place of JOY and Happiness.
Christ lives! The heavens are open! All we have to do is look.

As a representative of Jesus Christ, I know I have been called by a prophet of God on the earth today to testify of the restoration of the gospel, and to help people gain and strengthen faith.

I have done my best, and I will continue to share the wonderful, good news of our Lord every day.
In the sacred name of our savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Keep calm

Well THIS is how i'm feeling at the moment :)
I've been extra lovin on the Book of Mormon lately. I am also trying to finish the new testament before I go home and I'm reading in John.... I really like John.
There is something magical about it!

I have a lot of great experiences about the Book of Mormon this week!

Firstly, We have been asking members to write their testimonies in copies of the Book of Mormon that we pass out! It has been going great and I love to see how the members get really excited about doing it and sharing their testimonies. Also, when we give someone a book, they already have a built in friend! And as great as missionaries are.... we are kinda weird. So it is fun for them to see that NORMAL people read the Book of Mormon too!!!! :)

We met a guy tracting a few weeks ago named Ralph. He let us visit with him for a little while and he ended up telling us that he faintly remembers getting baptized a member of our church when he was about 11 years old.
So we searched the church records and we can't find him anywhere.... we are going to send a request to church headquarters and see if they can find him, but for now we are teaching him the lessons again! It has been so long ago that he doesn't really remember anything and he has been a lost sheep for quite some time.

We gave him a Book of Mormon when we first met him and when Marie Ganschow,(one of our favorite members that drives us around a lot) Sister Nash and I went back yesterday to see him he told us that he had been reading. I picked up his copy to see what we had assigned him to read and he had taken notes... and been marking... and had questions for us! He even wrote in the front cover our names and the day we had given it to him!
It made my heart happy to see how much he had treasured it! Also it made my heart happy to see my name written on his calender :)

When we left, he gave us some lemonheads and I ate one right away, and then he made me put them in a ziplock baggie because he said he didn't want them to 'spoil'.... haha I didn't know candy could 'spoil' but he was so kind to even get candy for us in the first place :)

Another favorite moment from the week happened on Friday. We had tracted into a family a week ago that scheduled a return appointment with us. So on friday we went to teach them and the dad was gone. The mom told us to come back in an hour. So we did. But then the mom was gone.
All the neighborhood kids were running around their house... probably ages 8-18... and instead of just leaving I asked if they wanted to hear a message about Jesus Christ! They said sure, so we all squatted down on the driveway and Sister Nash and I taught them about the Restoration.
I had a demonstration that we do with some cups, and we showed them pictures too.
The best part was that they were actually LISTENING. Like.. INTENTLY!
They had a million questions and we told them about the book of mormon and they all wanted one. We didn't have enough! We only had one with us at that time! So we gave the 18 year old the book and a few others downloaded it on their phones!

I have learned a valuable lesson on my mission that you never know who the Lord is preparing for you. And that sometimes you just have to be flexible and take advantage of the opportunities that Heavenly Father makes for you.
We could have easily said "bye chillins!" but instead.... We felt they needed to know the messages we are sharing with everyone!
And we are going back to see them today! I can't wait!

We went to a cool museum on P-day. There was a whole room dedicated to hurricanes! It still blows my mind that hurricane katrina DESTROYED everything down here!

Oh and before I go..... I almost forgot to mention that we had a baptism! Gabe Harris was baptized by his Dad Bobby this weekend :)
How awesome for me to have a baptism before I go home!
Gabe is one of a kind and has sure not been the easiest student... but he always makes Sister Nash and I think and it has been a long time coming for him to get baptized! It has been so fun to see the Harris family make changes in their life! It's so hard to put into words the way you see people progress. How do you measure or describe the growth of a testimony? The change in hearts that only you and God may notice? It's hard to say... but I love all the changes I am privileged to witness people make every day.

OH also, Sister Nash and I showed up about an hour before the baptism so that we could fill up the font with water. It was perfect! perfect temperature... perfect amount.
We go through the program... there are prayers and talks and I do a musical number... and then it is time for the baptism to be performed! We open up the doors to the font.. .and IT IS HALFWAY EMPTY. OHHHHH man..... I must not have fully plugged the drain in when we were filling it up! So we had to have a 20 minute intermission for it to get refilled. We just put on a church video.. luckily we had the TV and everything already set up, so it wasn't too big a deal, but I just couldn't believe I did that!

Well of course there was so much more that happened this week...including me getting my plane ticket to go home.... and I have some other scriptures I will post, but for now that will have to do. I want to get out and go back to work while I still can!
Thank you for all you do for me, thank you for the prayers, the letters, and everything else! I love yall and hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures....
Have a great week!


Extra pictures............

Ocean Springs Rocks!

Me and Oprah..... aka Sister Thomas :)

Bible Verse on my Broccoli.

Wall of Fame/Previous companions!

How I feel getting ready for bedtime after we have a baptism!

Awesome wall of Antiques at the Lippencotts house!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Don't rain on my parade

Life is so good. It's been a bike week, and we have been dodging the rainstorms, but life is about learning to dance in the rain, right?
And enjoy the sunshine when it's there :)
okay... i am doing alright. just hanging on. sprinting.

We got our apartment inspected this week and the senior missionaries who do the apartment inspections looked at our vaccumn. they were very impressed that I had cleaned the filter and emptied the dust and hair... etc. out of it.
I guess I have been the only missionary to do that. at least this time around.
We went to Lowes on pday last week and bought some flowers and planted them in pots. it was very theraputic and made my insides feel happy. We planted some to take to someone that is special to us because we know she is having a hard time! now everytime she sees the flowers she can remember that she is special and that God loves her.

We taught the cox family for family home evening about 'preach my gospel' and how they can use it to study! and they fed us blueberry cobbler. Chris Cox has cerebal palsy and his poor body is too small for his spirit. I love Chris's laugh and I love the spirit in their humble home.... i am sure they have to spend a lot of money on Chris's medical bills and it just goes to show that the spirit makes or breaks a home!

We watched the restoration movie with some of our investigators this week and I think I have probably seen this video about 100 times. but it's cool because everytime i see it... i learn something new. this time i did let my mind wander a little bit and started comparing the length of everyone's sideburns..... but WOW i pulled it together and enjoyed the rest of the movie :)

An awesome moment this week, did I tell you about the guy Randall who semi-awkwardly serenaded Sister Nash and I on his porch a few weeks ago? Well we gave him a book of mormon, so we went back to see how his reading is going and his girlfriend was there so we could go inside!
Turns out he is DRUMS and GUITARS, and an awesome karaoke machine.
my dad would be in heaven.

SO we let him sing "Imagine" and i'm not going to lie, I jammed out a little bit! And then he let us tell him and his girlfriend about the book of mormon. I couldn't look at sister nash during the karaoke or I would bust a gut laughing. he gets REALLY INTO IT.

missions are so weird and hilarious.

A cute little old black lady let us inside to share a message with her this week and she was so adorable! She got weepy as we told her about Joseph Smith's vision and then she asked us how much a Book of Mormon cost because she wanted one! I think that is the first time that has happened on my mission!

we didn't have very many meal appointments this week because of conference people didn't sign up to feed us. but it was fine and sister nash and I had lots of dinner dates and enjoyed getting to know each other better! I love when my companions become my best friends... not just someone I am living with!

Did i mention it has been raining? Sister Nash and I went and played in the rain one night after we had gotten home and I caught a couple frogs :)

The rain was SO bad on our way to our interviews with President McDonough this week! I thought we all might crash but we made it! And had a great meeting! Our district leader did an analogy of how we deliever our message. He cut a cake and ask who wanted some!
I raised my hand.... of course I want cake.
Well then he threw it at me!!!! HAHA!
And he gave another missionary it NICELY on a cute plate. With a fork.
So the object lesson was that we can deliever our message so that people want it.... we can use the spirit when we teach!
Otherwise it's just like throwing it at them and it lands on the floor.
Oh it was awesome.

We had a cool lesson with our investigator Gabe who is getting baptized this weekend! He has Aspergers and struggles sometimes with all the relationships in his life.... whether it is his family or his friends or girls!
I promised him that IF he puts his relationship with Christ FIRST....everything else will fall into place.
He lost his reading assignment we had given him and I told him.... "you wouldn't lose the number of a girl you are interested in..."
haha he thought it was funny and told us he would keep track of things better and try harder to put GOD FIRST.

A quote that I liked this week
"Making covenants is the expression of a willing heart;
Keeping covenants, the expression of a faithful heart."

I hope that we can all strive to keep the covenants that we have made with God at all times, and in all things, and in all places!
I promise that as we keep our covenants, Heavenly Father will give us what we need. It may not always be what we want, and sometimes it will be!
But He will answer our prayers and give us what we need!!!

Love yall,
Sister Brown

Monday, April 6, 2015

The message is always the same

^^^Check out this link if you haven't yet!
Spring has sprung! The seasons keep on changing, my weight fluctuates between curvy and chubby, one day it rains, the next is bright sunshine. Every day is so different and so beautiful!

But something that is always constant in our lives is the Savior! He is there rain or shine. The message is ALWAYS the same.
God loves you, and he wants you to return home to him.
Isn't the gospel great?

I hope everyone had a happy easter. Sister Nash surprised me by hiding eggs in our apartment while I was sleeping and then I went on an easter egg hunt in the morning! Ah, I love her!

There is always so much good to write about.....

We go to see Miss Thelma quite often because she can't get out of her house very often since she has been having strokes. Tuesday was her birthday and I came up with a brilliant plan! We went visiting teaching to Shunta that morning and Sister Shumaker picked us up! We borrowed Shunta's cute new puppy that i took pics with a few weeks back... and we went and knocked on miss thelma's door and starting singing happy birthday! Miss Thema loves puppies and she was so happy. It was awesome. :)

April Fools Pranks
1. Our Zone Leaders Elder Whitney and Elder Creager telling us that in the month of April we can't go to the beach at all, including driving on the highway along it!
We were kinda confused because we drive along that highway all the time! 
They told us there were just a lot of parties and events happening on the coast and wanted us to avoid any harmful situations......

2. McKenzie leaving a note on our car that said someone had "smashed into it" and she came and grabbed us saying "sisters sisters, someone hit your car and left a note!!!! she was laughing so hard!

I got a little out of my comfort zone this week. We went to lunch @ 5 guys burgers and fries and I decided to go talk to a lady that was sitting at another table! Turns out she said she had a Book of Mormon and that she had met with missionaries before!

Another one was we were driving in the car and had a few minutes to spare before our next appointment. A little thought came to me.... "stop at wendys."
I was like...... "No spirit, i'm not hungry...." but then i realized the spirit wanted me to stop there and TALK to someone... not eat haha.
Okay.... so we pull into wendys and i'm wondering who in the world am i supposed to talk to!
There was a guy sitting in a truck right next to us, so we said a prayer and the spirit confirmed that we needed to talk to him!
So we did, and this guy we talked to knows the missionaries in Gulfport and he took it as a sign from us talking to him and giving him an Easter card! It was so cool and I learned that I DO hear the spirit and I CAN get promptings. It's whether or not I choose to follow them!

Sister Nash helped me conquer one of my fears of tracting apartment complexes this week! And it was really hot so we got ice cream!

Something that stood out to me this week-
I think the Lord really is preparing people everywhere for us and to listen to our message. But they still have their agency to choose to accept it or not. And that our message is always the same, about the love the Savior has for us, how much he has given us in this day and time to stay close to him.... everyone has different times they are ready to hear the message, and our job as missionaries is to find those who are ready right now!

Teaching the Olivers was a highlight! I gave them a picture of Jesus and they have it proudly displayed on their wall in their living room!!!!
We also watched a session of conference with them and they LOVED it.
Here is a picture of us with Josh Oliver on Easter!

Sister Nash and I also wore matching Easter Bows!

I loved going into conference with some quesitons. They were all answered.
My question about finding peace when I return home was answered by our Prophet who said:
My brothers and sisters, in our lives we will have temptations; we will have trials and challenges. As we go to the temple, as we remember the covenants we make there, we will be better able to overcome those temptations and to bear our trials. In the temple we can find peace.

Then I also loved there was a whole talk that was a music analogy called "The Music of the Gospel" by Elder Andersen
Sometimes in our homes, we successfully teach the dance steps but are not as successful in helping our family members to hear the music.  It is hard to dance without music. Dancing without music is awkward and unfulfilling—even embarrassing. Have you ever tried it?

The challenge for all of us who seek to teach the gospel is to expand the curriculum beyond just the dance steps. Our children’s happiness depends on their ability to hear and love the beautiful music of the gospel.

And last but not least I loved a talk that mentioned how you don't need titles or positions to be an amazing member of the church or missionary!
Some of the greatest acts of service and helping people are known by God alone.
It was called "Truly Good and Without Guile" by Elder Ringwood

So the last thing I wanted to mention was mine and sister nash's easter miracle!
We had an appointment with a potential investigator last night named Morgan but she wasn't there. It was 7:30 and we had a couple back up plans but none of them really felt right....
We still had some easter cards that we wanted to give away before easter was over. So we just started walking around the apartment complex that we were in and were going to start knocking on peoples doors to give them the easter cards.
WELL before we even knock on one door, a lady comes walking up the stairs from taking her garbage out and we talked to her for a few minutes. Her husband comes out making sure she didn't get lost haha, and he asks if we wanted to come inside.
Chris told us all about how he loves to do service. He helps repair houses destroyed by hurricane katrina. He asks if we would be willing to help and we gladly said yes, and asked if we could share an easter message with them.

We watched the video "Because He Lives" with them that i've been talking about and it was SO powerful to watch it with these strangers we just met, it brought us all together! They ended up asking us a lot of questions and offered to feed us dinner sometime.
I KNOW we were led to them and it was my easter miracles! We both got in the car and just kept saying "what just happened??!" to each other because it was such a miracle.

I hope yall had a wonderful Easter and I love the reason for the season. I know that the message is always the same, whether you hear it from missionaries, or from our Prophet, or the apostles on the earth today...
And I love to share this message with others all day long! I love yall!
Love, Sister Brown

Animal feature for this week is baby kittens! Just a few days old!


Did you know? That Because HE lives....
WE ALL can live.
A free gift to all the children of Heavenly Father.... Christ sacrificed himself, so that we can all have the opportunity to return back to our Heavenly home.
And when Christ died - he broke the bands of death.
The Son of God, sinless, perfect.
Took up his body again, to reign personally as our savior for all eternity.
And because he rose again, he lives on. He lives today.
He love you. He loves me.

please watch the video above for an easter message about our risen Lord!

a few highlights from my week....................>>>>>>>>

Hugging Sister Sowards for the last time in a while! She has been called to be a Sister Training Leader in our mission and I am so proud of her! What a blessing missions are. I have made some of the best friends of my life.

I'm so blessed as a missionary to have a cell phone! I realized this week how much we depend on it to schedule everything and for the people in our area to communicate with us!
Received a phone call from Marionna, Tommy and Michaels grammy this week. I love my Miss Carla! She was one of the 1st people I met when I got here to ocean springs and she and her family have been who i was meant to work with! Miss Carla told us that she wanted us to teach her how to quit smoking so that she can go to the temple soon with her family!
I was so excited! She wanted us to teach her that night... and then she asked if anyone was feeding us dinner!
The people here are so nice. I got dinner AND a teaching appointment in the same phone call :) :)

Dinner at the Harris's this week. Gabe has a very important question to ask us. Bobby is the dad who got baptized in december. Gabe is the 19 yr old son and we have been working with him for a while. Here is me with the harris's at christmas time.

well he asks us "when can I get baptized?"
I love that question! :)

We had our "meet the mormons" event and it went pretty well. We had a few of our investigators come and they really enjoyed the video, it really helped them learn who we are!!!! That we believe in the savior Jesus Christ and that we know he is a part of our every day lives! That He is here! The youth in our ward did an amazing job inviting their friends to come as well.

That moment when you open a bag of chips that expires the same day that you do.... :( this made me cry. It's going to be really bad when I get milk that expires when I do.

I had a hard weekend. Everyone and their dog went to the Air Show in Biloxi at the air force base and Sister Nash and I knocked on door after door after door.... no one talked to us except a lady that was really rude and told us that we don't believe in the same Jesus Christ! I tried to explain to her that we do.... but she would listen. She just kept interrupting me and telling me that Jesus Christ rose on the 3rd day, and that he will come back again soon, and that he died so that we can all be saved. I just wanted to yell "THAT'S WHAT I BELIEVE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" But... she wouldn't listen.

I wish that people just knew that I believe in the same things they do, but just even more so.... and that the message I can share with them will make so much sense and bring them even more joy than they already have! We don't ask anyone to give up the truths they already treasure... we ask them to test our message and see if it goes hand in hand with what you do already love ! That's what I love about the restored gospel! It is the true living gospel upon this earth just as it always has been! HE IS HERE!

Seeing the thunderbirds in the sky was COOL! It was like star wars. I love just looking at the sky. Everything around us denotes there is a God in Heaven who loves us.

A miracle from this week was that Marionna, Tommy, Linda, and Julie all got to go to the temple this week! They all did baptisms for those who have already died without the chance! They said it was the strongest they have felt the spirit and that the temple is amazing! To see everyone in white and to see all the beautiful pictures of Christ. The temple truly is the house of the Lord.
Julie and Linda made my day by telling me that she wants to come to the Salt Lake Temple next year and come visit me. They are starting to save up the money now. :')

I loved watching the women's broadcast of conference. If you missed it, you can watch it here.............>

The women in the church told us how important families are. And how important we as women are!
This was one of my favorite quotes from conference

Strong eternal families and Spirit-filled homes do not just happen. They take great effort, they take time, and they take each member of the family doing his or her part. Every home is different, but every home where even one individual seeks for truth can make a difference. …

I am so looking forward to conference this weekend. It is like the superbowl on a mission! SOOO exciting to hear what the prophets and apostles want us to know! If you would like to tune in for conference, just check out the church website this weekend at
It is HIS conference! He will speak to us through his servants!

Thank you for all your love and I hope that yall have a wonderful easter. I know the Savior lives. I know he loves us all personally. I have felt the warmth of my saviors love this week especially in the moments of discouragement. Wherever you are, whoever you are, I testify that you are never too far away to feel the light of the saviors love. He knows you perfectly and because he lives, you have the opportunity to have JOY in this life.

You are amazing!
Love, Sister Brown