Saturday, October 26, 2013

Welcome to the MTC

Marissa sent us these lovely flowers the day after we dropped her off in the MTC. Although they were a lovely surprise, they made us more anxious for her first letter home. And we finally got it this morning!! Even though it is short it made us all cry!  Love, Madi Adele
 Welcome to the empty sea!!!! (MTC) There are so many people here.... From every place you can imagine on the planet.

My first day was pretty much a BLUR. I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before so I could finish packing... So you think I would be exhausted! But thankfully the excitement of everything kept me going.. going... going.

My family dropped me off and it is kind of like when you're at the airport and you have to say a quick hug goodbye, grab your luggage, and head on your merry way! Here was a sister waiting there to greet me and help me carry my suitcases. I don't remember her name but she was from England and had an amazing accent! 

I then went and got my nametags and schedules. On your first day they give you a sticker so that everyone knows it is your first days and is extra nice to you.

Then I got introduced to my first companion, Sister Heartley! She is from Canada EH and is a gift from God. We get along great!!!

I ran into my cousin Elder Cole shortly there-after and I loved seeing him. I have seen him almost every day! Here is a picture from us at breakfast.

The food is less than desirable. The Jello at lunch is worse than Captain Kidds restaurant. Breakfast is okay, here's what I had on my second day!

My District is all comprised of people going to Mississippi which is really rare and awesome because we can always talk about what it's going to be like there. My District is 5 sisters (including Sister Heartley and I) and 4 elders. They are featured here......
So I guess in order it goes Missionary --> Companionships --> Districts --> Branches ---> Zones ---> Whole MTC

We had a branch meeting last night and the Branch President called me to be the Sister Missionary Training leader.
I have only been here like 2 days!!! But I am so grateful!
I get to train new missionaries starting next week and I am in charge of the Sister Missionaries in our Branch. Wow.
I am learning lots about Prayer. Isn't it cool that God wants to talk to you?

I am also learning that YOU HAVE TO BE YOUR FIRST CONVERT.
You have to come unto Christ yourself, before you can invite anyone else to do so.

Scripture of the week: Moroni 7: 44-48

LOVE, Sister Brown

Awkward moment of the week: Lying in bed at night

Sister Brown: .............."Sister Heatley, was that you or a bear?"
Sister Heartley: ........ "It was me... I've been eating candy......"
Sister Brown: .......... "That's quite a large noise coming from such a small person.!"

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