Monday, September 29, 2014

We Never Know

Hello Everyone!
The great thing about companions is that it is always SO inspired on who the Mission President puts you with. I am so grateful for Sister Sowards! We have just become the best of friends and have so much in common! Including our love for cafe rio, and the University of Utah football :)

I really enjoy cooking lately.... breakfast lunch and dinner!

I have even started a new thing. It's called Sister Brown's brownie sunday. On sundays I make brownies and then my companion and I pray about who to take them to, and then we go and visit those that need brownies!!!!! It's brilliant and a great excuse for people to let you inside! No one turns away brownies.

I went to a play at a baptist church this week called "the voice and the judgement."
It was a great play, but I was a little sad at how many people in this world think there is only heaven and hell, and if you aren't perfect when you die... you are going to hell!

Heavenly Father's plan is for all of his children to return to live with him again. There are many people that do not have a knowledge of Jesus Christ, or who have been raised in trial and agony. There will be an opportunity for all of God's children to learn about Jesus Christ, that he can save them! If you would like to study more about the plan of salvation.... feel free to click below!

Missionary life is a lot like normal life, but a million times better. I am happier than I have ever been in my whole life! I wake up every day excited to study my scriptures... to pray, and to hurry and get ready so that we can get out to work!!!

 I love setting goals and accomplishing them. I love to do Heavenly Father's work of saving souls! I love to share the love of Christ with everyone I meet!

There are lots of new rules in our mission lately... one of our new rules is that we can only listen to music that has been sung at conferences of the church, or we can listen to talks.
This has been a hard adjustment for me because many of you know that music is my life! And I love some good christian music and efy music.

But I have noticed that I am much more in tune with the spirit since this new rule came out. And I am aquiring much more knowledge from all the talks and devotionals we have been listening to!!!!

A couple of my favorite talks that I have been listening to i will post below so I can share!
His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox --->
Remember Lot's Wife by Elder Holland --->
You Were Born for Glory by Sheri Dew --->

Here is a picture of the church down the street that used to be a mall! They bought the mall and turned it into "summer grove baptist church"

Candy Bar posters and a softball game on Pday for one of the Young Women that we love - Tiffany Williams! She will be an amazing missionary someday and we had a blast supporting her!

We were shopping the other day and a really cute black lady walks up and hands us roses!!!! I guess she doesn't like the guy that gave them to her... so we were happy to take them off her hands! :)

Our can opener has been broken and i have been trying to open things with knives. Probably not the safest idea.

Here is me on a motorcycle

And here is a longhorn cow!

Something I love about the south is all the big hats. I think i want to take one home with me because they are so fashionable!

A miracle that happened was that Sister Sowards and I were tracting... it had been a long day and we were really tired. We decided to stop by the gas station and get a snack to perk us up! After we were done we didn't feel prompted to go back to that street that we were on before, so we picked a new street.
We are going down the street and meet some pretty cool people! But we decided to knock on 1 more house before quitting for the day. Well we knock on the door and a lady cracks the door open and sticks her head out. She looks at us and says
"I know who you are... My sister is one of ya'll."
"We say, oh really?! That is exciting! Who is your sister?"
Turns out that her sister was Sister Linda Jones, the one who always takes us out so that we don't have to ride our bikes! She is the one that had a birthday a couple weeks ago and I was so grateful for ya'lls help in getting her a birthday gift!

anyway, Sister Jones HAPPENED TO BE THERE at her house. And he sister let us inside even though she made it very clear that she is a baptist and doesn't want to hear anything about our religion! But we were able to sing her a song and be friendly and nice, and it made a big difference.

It was just a tender mercy to me that the Lord leads us to where he wants us to go, exactly WHEN he wants us to be there! I don't really know what the purpose of that experience was, but it was a miracle none the less and I am grateful for it, perhaps some seeds were planted just by us being kind!

I know that we never know of all the good that we do! Sometimes we may feel like we are failing but that is because we don't always get to see the fruits of our labors! But when we lose ourselves in service to others, Heavenly father knows that our hearts are pure and righteous. And someday I know that we will see the fruit of all the good things that we have done.
Please watch this video! I know you will love it!
It's all about how we never know how much good we do.

Well I have to wrap it up for this week, but I will talk to you soon! Thank you for all the good that you do!
Love yall!
p.s. I hit my 11 month mark today!

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