Monday, May 5, 2014

Welcome to Stonewall, Louisiana!

Part of the fun of being a missionary is getting to serve in many different places!!!!
Everybody meet my new companion....
SISTER JENKINS! :) (she has a blog too!)

This has been a crazy week.
Sister Jenkins got here on tuesday, but we had to stay living where I was before because we didn't have a place to stay in Stonewall!
But on Friday, some members of the church down in stonewall asked if we could come live with them until our apartment is ready!
That worked out great because we were doing a lot of traveling and using a lot of miles!

SO we packed up our suitcases, said goodbye to a couple friends, and waved goodbye to Brownlee!

We are brand new in this area.... we don't have a map... we don't know where we are going.... It's crazy! But we just picked a random street to go down, praying that the Lord would lead us to someone who needed us!
We are walking down the street and walk pass this little girl! As we keep going, part of my brain says "wait little girls don't smoke cigarretts." Hmm.
Then the Spirit says GO BACK AND TALK TO HER!
But I say "Lord.... we already walked past her and I don't want to turn around!!!
But the Lord said "Feed my Sheep."

So I grab Sister Jenkins and we glide back over to her.
Turns out her name is Robin. And the Lord wanted us to find her.

This is the text she sent us after we left!!

"Thank ya'll for stopping by here. I have really been wanting to learn more about the Mormon faith. That is why I have been asking if there is a church anywhere around here and it seems like people have been blowing my question off. I would love to come to your church and learn more about it and hopefully this will be the church I feel most comfortable with thank you again we will see ya'll on sunday. :)"

Oh miracles.

We have been having fun meeting new members, including the Family that we are living with right now! They are the Glass family. They are so sweet! I love living with them! We get to stay in a super cute room. Can you tell Sister Jenkins and I are getting along? :)

Oh not to mention puppy cuddles while doing my scripture study....

But anyways... our new apartment should be ready by thursday!!!! ALSO THE DAY GLADYS KNIGHT IS COMING TO SHREVEPORT!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!! #gladyknightisamormon
It's going to be amazing.

We have had some really amazing experiences this past week and I am so excited to be in Stonewall! I can already feel all the miracles that are about to happen!

Did I mention I love my companion - Sister Celeste Jenkins? She is from Newton, Utah :) Close to Logan. I can already tell that we are going to be best friends. She goes home in July, so her mission is coming to a close!!! That is so crazy! I have a lot I am going to learn from her!

In other news - here are my new Elders! Elder Loftin and Elder Jones.
They are great! We are excited to join them here in Stonewall.
Here is Elder Jones with a dead squirrell and Elder Loftin with a kitten blanket.

Well as always, I would like to express my love for the Savior.
Sister Jenkins and I were talking about why we think we got sent to the south for our missions.
I think that we needed to learn more about the Character of Christ. I love being in the Bible Belt - where everyone loves and talks about Jesus. He is a part of life here. God is everywhere. There is no other place like the south!

My testimony of Jesus Christ has grown so much by being able to serve here. I am learning so much about Christ's life... by learning of him, and feeling the love of God radiate from me to the people around me. I am not perfect... but I know that God's love is perfect, and I am becoming a better person each day as I share His love.
I am finishing the end of reading the Book of Mormon. This morning I read a wonderful verse about that perfect love...
..."Behold, I speak with boldness, having aauthority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for bperfect clove dcasteth out all fear."

I love Christ. Look at these beautiful pictures of Him.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Hopefully by next week I will be moved into my new apartment!
God Bless you,
Sister Marissa Brown

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