Monday, May 5, 2014

Finding Families

It's been a really great week. On monday we had a BBQ with all the missionaries in Shreveport and I consumed 2 brats. We also played ultimate football (we didn't have a frisbee) and it was really fun!
We also got to hang out with the Tipton Twins!
Their sweet mommy is one of my favorite people I have met on my mission! I have talked about her before. Her name is Bridget and she just had twins - they are 8 months old. Bridget feeds us lunch a lot and in return do service for her! (folding laundry, singing to her babies, or doing her dishes.) This week we helped her sort through all her baby clothes and organize them! Bridget has an amazing story about how she came to know her savior! She was in a terrible car accident and in a coma for 3 weeks. Here are two clips from documents she has been featured in: "One such story is that of Bridgett Rutherford Tipton. On June 8th Bridget will celebrate 10 years since the car accident which caused her brain injury and changed her life forever. Bridget transferred to LifeCare after spending 19 days in SICU. She emerged from her coma after 3 weeks and started her long journey toward recovery. A college freshman at the time of her injury, Bridget was fortunate enough to have a supportive family at her side throughout her recovery. " "I have learned that God wants to be part of your social life too. I would go to church Sundays. But I thought I could do whatever I wanted to on Friday and Saturday nights. I understand now that God wants to be part of all of my life. I was in a car crash because I got in the car with someone who had been drinking. I thought I could get around the risk of alcohol, if I did not drive." Because of her accident, Bridget cannot smell or taste! But she has such a powerful testimony of how the Lord saved her life... and now she has such a beautiful family! My companions and I have been praying and fasting for a family that we can teach. It has been amazing to see the Lord answer our prayers this week by giving us 2! families to teach. One of the families we went and taught last night. The husband used to be a member but had lost his testimony after going through a lot of trials. We found his name on our ward list and went to find him last week! He said that we could come back sunday night, so we did :) The first thing his wife said to us the moment we walked in was "I'm Baptist. I've tried the Jehovah's Witness thing, I've tried Pentecostal, methodist.... everything. And I'm baptist. We said okay, and told her our purpose isn't to try and force our belief's on her in any way, but just to share what we know and our testimonies and she can pray and ask God about the things that we teach if they are true or not. But if she is open to learning more about God's plan for her, than we have answers to her questions! She was stunned... in a good way! and after she asked all her initial questions about Mormons (if we practice polygamy, if we worship Jesus Christ, etc. She started asking really good questions! Their two sons were there two, and the spirit was there as we shared how much Heavenly Father loves their family and desires their happiness. She asked us what will happen to their family after they die. She told us about 4 babies that she has lost. We taught their family about how families can be together not only in this life... but in the life to come as well. We shared many other things, but The best part of the lesson was at the end when we asked if we could sing them a song. We decided to sing and we told Mr. Bailey that he could sing along with us! He confidently told us he wouldn't remember, and my companions and I started to sing "I am a Child of God" A smile broke on his face and tears gleamed in his eyes as he remembered the words of this simple primary song. He started to sing along with us and reached over to hold his wife's hand as we sang together. It was a very spiritual moment, one that I will never forget! After the lesson, he sent us this text!

 Alexis - our investigator made us a cake this week - she is SO sweet!!!!!! She slept over at Sister Segura's this weekend and went to church with them. It was awesome!!!
 Well I have to get going, but I thank you all for your prayers and love. Love, Sister Brown

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