Monday, May 5, 2014

Farewell to Brownlee

Well Everyone.... we got the news! Turns out I am leaving my area here in Brownlee and headed off to new adventures!!!!

When we got the phone call I was so surprised... I was certain Sister Holbrook was leaving!!!
But to my surprise I am the one going.
My heart is broken to leave this area I love so dearly!
But the good news is... I'm not going very far...... :)
I will still be in Shreveport!!!!
I am going about 30 minutes away from where I currently live.

I am going to OPEN a town called STONEWALL
There is a set of Elders there right now, but I will be the first Sister Missionary to ever be there!!!

It's actually a pretty big deal, and shows that our mission president really trusts me :)

My new companion will be Sister Jenkins and she is coming from Bougalousa, she only has 3 months left of her mission!

President Huston said that the Stonewall branch has been BEGGING for sister missionaries for a long time,
and that I will be an answer to MANY prayers.

I feel so honored and I am so excited.
I still get to go to the Gladys Knight Devotional, and baptisms of anyone that I have taught since I am close enough!
Hopefully Tori and Alexis get baptized soon and I would be able to come!

The other news is that they don't even have an apartment ready for Sister Jenkins and I yet,
so she is coming to live here in Brownlee until they have one for us! That will probably be another 2 weeks. We are going to borrow a car from the mission and drive down there every day for right now, but we will sleep in the apartment I am currently residing in :)

Also I won't have a car, so I get to start using my bike finally!
I am so excited! Hooray for helmet hair.
I will tell you all about Stonewall as soon as I get there!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful easter.
Easter is so much more than a Pagan holiday! This was the closest I have ever felt to the savior.

I have been saying some goodbyes to some of the people I love and it has been hard!

I found some new friends this week...

Sorry I don't have too much time to share miracles, but I will next week.
We have been teaching and been very busy which is always amazing!

I am truly becoming the person I have always wanted to be! What a fulfilling and amazing opportunity it is to serve the Lord.
I love Him, and I know this is his work. I know that angels surround us and I have felt their presence leading me to where I need to go. I am so grateful for a Savior who loved me and everyone else enough to die for me. It's because of Him, that we have joy!

May God bless you as always! Thank you for your support!
Love, Sister Brown

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