Friday, January 16, 2015

New Year Resolutions


New Year Resolutions.
We all have them! We have all probably broken them! But we can all keep trying.
Some of mine for this year include:
~ finish the New Testament before I go home
~ deeper study of the word of wisdom and trying to live it joyfully. this includes morning exercising.

I tried not to make too many this year so that I can actually stick to the ones I have made.
Something I would like to challenge everyone to do is click the link below and take a short quiz! It's really awesome!------------>

Some highlights from my week...................
I got to go on ExChAnGeS with Sister Creager in a place called DIAMONDHEAD MISSISSIPPI. It's a cute little town full of retired people that live by a golf course and all the streets are named Hawaiian words!
We went and helped a sweet sister who has been away from the gospel for a long time paint her house. Turns out she had a son that served a mission in ICELAND which is really awesome and I haven't ever heard of anyone getting their mission call there for real!
The scriptures teach us that when we serve Heavenly Father's children, we are serving him too. We were very happy to help and she said that she wants the missionaries to start visiting and teaching her again!
SO my arms were really sore from painting but it was totally worth it!

Another awesome service project we got to help with this week was the Bishop's Storehouse. A big semi truck loaded with food for the needy arrived saturday morning and we unloaded it, put it in shopping carts, and organized it in the church gym! It was so much fun!
I have really gained a testimony about how organized the church is! It's amazing!

I washed my watch in my jacket pocket. I hate when that happens.

Animal Feature of the week is an adorable Guinea pig named Wolfgang!

Well time is short and I have to tell you about the miracle that happened from yesterday!
It was a gloomy day.... dark clouds. I had a migrane. I just wanted to be lazy and not do anything....
But i knew that was Satan trying to throw off my groove!
SO I prayed for strength and got Sister Mcgregor and headed out the door!
Well I drove to a neighborhood I thought hadn't been tracted in a while. But it just didn't feel right. I knew that some inactive members lived around the corner so I drove to their house thinking maybe we could go visit them.
But the prompting came really strongly that we needed to tract, there were people I needed to find.
Car parked, prayer said, we knock on the first house and what do you know! A beautiful african american mother lets us inside to share a message with her.
She tells us that her Dad is a baptist pastor but she is open to different religions. She also tells us that she happened to be praying when we knocked on her door for strength because her 21 yr old son has gone off the deep end and she feels so sad about it!
I told her about the Book of Mormon - another witness of Jesus Christ. Told her how it can help her find strength and left her with a chapter I thought she would like. We are going back this thursday to see what she thought.
We walked out the door smiling because I knew that Heavenly Father wanted us to find her and led us to her. She is a very elect person!
WELL then the next door we knock on was a sweet lady too! She was busy at the moment but asked us if we could come back tomorrow!

SO we found 2 new investigators in less than 15 mins! What a miracle!
I love the Lord and I am so happy to be his missionary! I have seen so many miracles and blessings to ever deny that he is real! I know he is, and that he HEARS our prayers.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!!
and make sure that you ask God to help you with all of them!
We can do all things through ChRisT who strengthens us! 
Love, Sister Brown

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