Friday, December 27, 2013

Have a Ragin' Cajun Redneck Christmas!‏

Hope everybody had a Merry Christmas! I know I did! I got Legolas!

   Madi Adele

 Feliz Navidad, everybody!
This week was a little slower for me. We had transfers, of course, and then I caught a bad cold.
But I got a priesthood blessing that I would be able to overcome my sickness and work just as hard, because we had a lot of work to do.
And that we did!

We got our new companion this week. Introducing... Sister Holbrook!
Sister Holbrook is from Pocatello, Idaho and loves to sing and act. Her favorite color is orange and she loves to tell people how God loves everyone.

We also got a new Elder in our district.... Elder Dalton! He is from California and is a very BOLD missionary! Here is our new district family!!!!

I need to tell a little story.
Once upon a time.....
We met a lady who had about 16 starving puppies all over her yard. My heart was broken. I hate seeing starving animals! (and people too.)
We visited with her a couple times and I eventually asked what she was going to do with all the puppies.
"Are you going to feed them?"
She said: "No, they aren't my problem."
I asked if she was going to do anything about them and she said that she was trying to get rid of them by giving them away for free. She asked if we wanted any, but unfortunately, missionaries can't keep pets. 
I asked ward members if they wanted a puppy. I just couldn't even sleep knowing there were all these starving puppies a couple blocks away.
I literally woke up during a thunderstorm one night worried about them and tried to go back to sleep.

I wrote my mom a letter because I knew she would understand. I told her that I knew she couldn't do anything about the situation, but I asked her to pray for me. Pray  that I would be able to focus on my mission work and a little less about the puppies.

Next thing I know, my mom has shipped me boxes and boxes of puppy/dog food and has her friends enlisted in the cause as well. My companions would just laugh every time we would see a box on the porch because we all knew what it was!!!!

So I am so excited to take all the puppy food to the starving puppies!!!!
Turns out... the lady was able to get rid of all them.
What!? So now we have all the dog food and no dogs!!!
We stored it under our beds for a little while and think of some families who would need it.

There is a family in our area that used to have the missionaries over for dinner almost every week.  And for a while they wouldn't let missionaries in at all. They have a daughter that has a very rare blood disease and is ill all the time. That is why they don't come to church and other activities.
Sister Dagupan, Sister McGrath and I tried to see them a couple weeks ago.
I commented on how much I love their dogs (they have 4) and asked about their breeds/names and ages, etc.  Then they opened the door to us!!!
After getting to know their pets they said they were busy but we invited them to the ward Christmas party and asked when we could come back?
They said they should have us over for dinner and they would call us soon.
Well, we have tried to set up a couple of appointments to meet with them but they haven't worked out.

So the other day we decided to dog-food ditch them. We got a couple bags of dog food and dog treats and put a bow on top. We ran up and placed it on the doorstep and then knocked and ran away very quickly! We hid behind a bush and got to see the family open the door in amazement.
They were so grateful that they all ran out of the house and tried to find the culprits!
We huddled behind the bush and I silently prayed they wouldn't find us! And they looked everywhere but the bush, thankfully.

We heard them talking to each other wondering "Who could have done this... who knew we needed dog food?"
At one point I think I heard "Maybe it was some church people."
But I hope that maybe their hearts have been softened a bit and the next time we come by we will be able to invite the spirit into their home.  We hope to share with them a message they need to hear!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me treats, money to buy dog food, or dog food!
I have been able to anonymously help out quite a few families and it has made me happy.

Well, I have gained such a testimony of service since I have been out in the mission field. I read in the Book of Mormon the other day how Ammon was able to convert King Lamoni just by serving him.

Christ gave us all a light. I want to magnify it and pass it on to other people.
Light leaves no place to hide!
I am so grateful I am here. I am so thankful for the pioneers who suffered SO much so that we could have the gospel. It's something I take for granted sometimes.

Christ suffered so much for me. I feel so sad for all the time I spent taking this gospel for granted because I didn't understand what a big deal it is!
I feel like I am finally becoming the person I have always wanted to be. I hope that my name-tag isn't going to be the only reason that I talk to everyone. I would like to be someone that everyone can turn and run to.

I love all God's children and I truly feel that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to hear about his gospel. I am so happy.

Merry Christmas!!!!
With much love,
Sister Brown

P.S. This is how missionaries leave a tip!

P.P.S. Someone made us this!

P.P.P.S. Here is what I ate for dinner last night!

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