Friday, December 13, 2013

Tender Mercies

12 DAYS TILL WE GET TO TALK TO MARISSA!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and there`s that thing called Christmas. #missionaryproblems

       Madi Adele

 As a missionary you constantly look for tender mercies. Little miracles that happen every day. Last week we had so many!
We ran into one of our ward families at wal-mart while we were looking longingly at trees. This family knew we probably didn't have the money or means for a Christmas tree. They came up to us and gave us some money, and told us to buy ourselves a REAL Christmas tree. What?! Tears sprang to my eyes as a simple act of kindness showed me what Christmas was all about. What a "tinder" mercy for me and my companions! We had so much fun decorating it and listening to some Christmas music together. (Sidenote: We had just purchased the "Duck the Halls" Christmas CD from Duck Dynasty.)
We had another Secret Santa leave a beautiful wreath and 3 candy filled stockings on our porch this week as well. It warms my soul to see how much people love and care for us and want us to have some Christmas around our home! Thank you to whoever did this for us, you will never know how much it meant!
We had a lot of lessons with Bill this week and we helped him decorate his house for Christmas! It was fun, and we always love doing service!
I love this month's copy of the Ensign. (The Ensign is a church published magazine.)
My favorite talk was "Come let us Adore Him"
 I loved reading how the innkeeper has a bad reputation for having no room in his in, but he offered what he DID have available - a stable. Which ended up being a blessing because the savior was born in a place of peace and where the spirit could dwell!
I would love for all of you to watch this Bible Video about the Nativity, it is really moving.

Speaking of the Nativity.....
Our stake did a nativity celebration this past weekend. We had Nativity Scenes from all around the world on display, and we had different groups from schools/churches/people that came and performed while people looked around. I loved seeing people from all over the community at our church. It made me so happy to see all different faiths gather together in a united cause - Jesus Christ!
Here are a couple of my favorite nativities!
Transferrs are next week and I hope that no one from my district gets transferred! We are all such good friends!!!!
I had a hard experience this week running into a preacher and getting torn apart. All the sisters and I could do was stand there and smile, and not engage in arguing with him. He told us we have been brainwashed all our lives and we need to do some serious research about our church. We need to "google" everything that seems controversial.
We told him "we'd pray about it" haha, and left with a smile and a Merry Christmas.
I left with my testimony in shambles and my pride and faith shaken. But I took a deep breath, another step forward, and wiped a tear from my eye.
Sister McGrath and Sister Dagupan gave me a hug and said "all we need to do right now is find those who are ready. That's all we have to do."
I'm so grateful for my companions and all I am learning from them. They are my best friends!

Here is a picture of a beautiful Louisiana sunset!!!!
I love all the little critters I get to meet and see. I have always loved animals! These 4 baby raccoons sure took us by surprise this morning when we went to take the garbage out!
AHHHH CREEPY EYESSSSS!!!!!!!!! - Madi Adele

Well that's all I have time for today! Miss Donna said: When it's 30 degrees here, it is worse than -10 degrees in Utah. We are trying not to freeze our faces off, but above all, the spirit of Christ keeps us together and keeps us feeling as warm and happy. :)

Scripture of the week: Matthew 11: 28-30

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