Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I don't get a lot of email time today, so I will just quickly update you on the happenings of the week.

Well everyone.... Sister McGrath has been transferred! :( I was so sad she had to leave, but she is needed in Jackson Mississippi to bless and teach people there! She has become a sister to me and I will miss her so much. You just come to love each other so much because we spend every minute of every day with each other and grow so much spiritually together.
I really did not want her to leave - especially before Christmas, but there is a reason for everything :) I am so grateful for the time I had to serve with her and how much she has taught me and blessed me. 
Sister Dagupan and I are getting a new companion though! Sister Holbrook will be arriving later this evening!

We had dinner at a really cool place called Shanes. I ate some real southern food!
We tracted into our first REALLY NICE HOUSE (most of our area is trailer parks) and the drive way was about half a mile long. Can you see the house in the back of this picture? There were horse pastures and ponds leading up to the house. It was SO beautiful!!!!
We met a woman this week named Cheyanna. She has her hands full since her husband is in jail back in Arkansas and she has to take care of their little girl by herself. We had her read in the Book of Mormon Ether 9:21 and after she read it she looked at us and said 
"Wow. I really like that. It rings true! I would love to read more of this book."
YES! We can arrange that! So we happily gave her a copy and invited her to read in Enos :)

This was the magical week when Bill entered the waters of baptism! Elder Taylor baptized him and did a wonderful job.
I was pretty much running around all day like a crazy lady! I played the piano for opening and closing hymns, prelude music, and sang and played the guitar for a musical number!
Bill asked Sister McGrath, Sister D and I to sing "Don't You Know" from the Best Two Years.
It was such a special day and Bill even made us gumbo!

We also had the ward party that night and the theme was "Christmas In Nauvoo."
Everyone tried to dress up like pioneers and we had a trail of hope, stores, and everything just like in Old Nauvoo. It was beautiful, lovely and amazing.
The ward put a lot of work into making it just like the olden days! I also played piano music for the event, and my skills are being used very frequently! I sure love this ward family and all the friends I have made here.
On sunday we went to church and Bill got confirmed a member during sacrament meeting which was really neat. We had to go visit some people for Sister McGrath to say goodbye to, including the Lewis'! It was really hard for them to say goodbye to her. They were happy for her but sad at the same time! Sister Lewis spelled out in the air "I love you" and gave her the sweetest hug ever.

We were invited to the Burns' family Annual Nativity Pageant! It was so much fun. Bill and Richard came (recent converts to the church) and they loved it too. Richard is SO cool - total biker dude! I will write more about him later!
We all got to have a part in the pageant and Sister D and I tied really big gold bows in our hair to represent an angel halo! I guess I just looked like a bunny though.
Someone's house had some really eclectic things on their porch. Including..... A TIMPANI!
.....Repurposed into a plant pot... :(
Here's a picture of Tracie, Sister McGrath and I. Tracie is dressed as an elf!
Something else amazing that happened this week was that my family sent me a nativity. It made me SO happy I almost cried!!!
Well here are some more pictures. I will talk to you all soon! Merry Christmas :)

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