Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekends aren't for resting

Want to know what my semi-average weekend is like?
Every weekend is different but here is the LaTeSt and GrEaTeSt from Sister Brown.

6 am - arise and shine. big day ahead! take a shower and get ready for the day listening to some #MOTAB (mormon tabernacle choir)
7 am - scripture study
9 am - run to the church for a "ward harvest." Including breakfast and some of the ward members, whoever wants to come, takes some letters from the bishop to deliver to members we haven't seen in a while.... inviting them to watch general conference and us checking to see if they still live there!
BREAKFAST IS SERVED. We have biscuts and gravy.... and scrambled eggs before heading out to deliever letters.
Sister Brown does not know that there are duck eggs included in this meal.
nor does she know that she is allergic to duck eggs.
Throat closes off... Benedryll is taken. Brown paper bag is held at all times until a ride home is found.
11 am - Bishops wife drops Sister Brown and Sister Nash off at home. Brown paper bag in tow. Sister Brown commences to spend as much time in the bathroom as needed until duck eggs "comes out." Finally.... I throw up.
12 pm - Benedryll and nausea takes its toll and Sister Brown falls into bed.
2 pm - Is it morning? I'm confused. Oh... i remember. I feel better, let's get out to work.
3 pm - Bike to the library to do some research.
4 pm - Go tracting.
-Meet a nice man who says "I don't want to be mormon." I tell him that's okay but just to give the Book of Mormon a chance. Tell him how much it will strengthen his testimony of Jesus Christ.
-Meet another nice vietnamese lady who tells us she is CA-TO-LIK, and invites us to go to chinese buffet with her at the casino! We polietly say no thank you, but get a return appointment to teach her more about Jesus Christ.
5 pm - Bike back home. laundry room is flooded with water. Towels are in washing machine so we call Sister Maisch who is feeding us dinner if we could PLEASE borrow some towels...........
5:30 pm - Dinner at Red Lobster. Wasn't the best for an upset stomach but I drank lots of sprite and cracked some crab legs.
7:00 pm - All night appointments cancel. We call about 10 people in the Red Lobster parking lot. Everyone is sick. Busy. Tired.
7:30 pm - Usually we are teaching. But tonight we come home... do some more studying, training, updating.... etc. Make ourselves productive.
9:00 pm - plan for the next day... hopefully it will be better!
10:00 pm - bed.

6:30 am - Arise and shine forth! Get ready for the day.
7:30 am - Start my morning study.
8:30 am - Get to church. Make copies of some papers in the library.
9:00 am - WARD CORRELATION MEETING...............
make plans for visits, report on how the missionary work is going.... plan an activity for the ward to come watch the film "Meet the Mormons" in our building for mutual next week!
11:00 am - Church starts. We have 4 investigators there! Listen to messages about the Atonement.. how much the Savior loves us and how much he wants us to accept him, and use his enabling power in our lives. Something that really stood out to me today was
"The Atonement is PERSONAL."
2:00 pm - Church is over. Find people rides home... pick up some fruit someone gave us. Say hi to people and then are invited to go out Home Teaching/Visiting Teaching with Bro Wolfe and Sister Ganschow.
2:30 pm - Swing by our apartment for a bathroom break. Grab a few things we need. Eat some snacks in the car.
Visit about 7 people. Some weren't home, some were. I pet some dogs with fleas. Can humans get fleas? I love the Home teaching and visiting teaching messages for the church this month ..... add my testimony of the saviors love. Invite people to come to activity on tuesday for Relief Society.
Ask for refferals.... don't get any.
Ask if anyone there would be willing to let us practice teaching!!!!
Getting a headache! But so grateful we aren't riding our bikes!
5:30 pm - Drive back from Ocean Springs to the church. Make some final plans for our fireside for the youth tonight, WE ARE EXCITED TO TEACH THEM!
6:00 pm - TEACH FIRESIDE. (fireside is just like a devotional.)
Talk about member missionary work. How it is not as hard as they think it is! Their role as member missionarys is to be a friend! How their friends love them for who they are. We help them practice ways to invite their friends to mutual! We give them invitations to invite their friends to watch "Meet the Mormons" for a mutual activity next week! We tell them they are amazing and watch an uplifting video about missionary work and you never know who is ready!!!!!
7:00 pm - Drive to a members house in ocean springs.
We are having a celebration for Julie, who has quit smoking after we taught her the workshop last week! Lots of people are invited and we get to meet some new people! We also have 2 investigators come! Our members are amazing fellowshippers!
We have soup.... So thankful! They must have known we didn't get dinner!
We watch the movie "THE TESTAMENTS"
VERY awesome movie about the Book of Mormon story... the people that lived here in America during the time of Christ's life.

9:00 pm - Movie ends and we so gratful for the spirit that was there during it!
We run home, plan for the next day, and eventually after writing in my journal, staring at the ceiling for a while, and praying.....
around 12 am - I finally fall asleep. :)

It was one of those busy weekends. Lots of people to see and teach. Lots of good to be done. I love being a busy missionary! Sometimes I forget to breathe.... but when I do remember, I look at the sky and I am so thankful just to be alive. You know what I mean?
I hope you liked hearing about my weekend. How was yours?
I know we all have very busy lives but I hope that we are willing to make time for the savior. He is the reason we are here, and the reason that we live!
God be thanked for the wonderful gift of His son.
I have a couple animal features for the week but will talk to you next week!
Love, Sister Brown

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