Tuesday, December 23, 2014

HE is the Gift

I have so much to write about this week!
I have been so grateful for all the support from my friends and family!
I have loved so much receiving some letters from my family on thanksgiving! They all took a minute to write something nice to me! I read it over and over again because it is so encouraging and uplifting! Thank you, family!
Thank you also to those who have been concerned about all my winter clothes getting stolen! Your kindness means the world to me!
I love the Christmas season on the mission. We REALLY get to focus on the reason for the season... the Savior! I'm not so worries about "stuff." It's so wonderful.
Well first things first, Sister McGregor and I  are being so spoiled by our ward here. They gave us a Christmas package this week of essential items... like paper towels, oatmeal, soap... etc. I loved it and I am so grateful for the ward here!
I love the widows of the ward... they have such pure sweet hearts and just adopt us Sister Missionaries as their grandchildren.
Sister Maisch is the great grandaughter of Wilford Woodruf - one of the Prophets of the church. She always makes us the most elegant meals and I love going to her house. There is even an elevator in her house because it is built so high off the ground since she lives down by the beach!
We loved her beautiful tree and I love going over to her house because she always has some of the other widows, or just older sisters come over and have a nice dinner with us!

We helped Ashley with a service project this weekend called "Baking DaY" where we made lots of treats and delivered them to people. Boudreaux, her sweet puppy helped us out too! We love Ashley and she does so much for us missionaries, I don't know how we will ever repay her! I learned how to make some new treats and we had a great time helping her!

A miracle that happened this week!
The Harris family! Stephanie, the mom has been a member of the church for a while and we have been teaching her husband, Bobby and her son, Gabe Harris!
We have been teaching them for a while and I didn't know quite where to go with their lessons! They have been coming to church for a couple months and Sister Nielson and I worked hard to get them ready to be baptized, but I guess it just wasn't quite the right timing.
Sister McGregor and I went over on Tuesday to see them and the first thing Bobby says when we get in there is
"Do you have any dates open that I can get Baptized?"
OH IT MADE MY DAY! Tears came to my eyes! I love the Harris family because they remind me a lot of my family and I desire nothing more than to help them become an eternal happy family!
They came to the ward Christmas party this week and just looked so happy. I love them! They will be getting baptized this weekend, so look forward to it! This is such a wonderful day in their lives!

Speaking of the ward Christmas party, I got to meet "Santa" and tell him that what I wanted for Christmas was Stamps :)

A highlight of my week! We had a stake devotional yesterday and some sister missionaries needed a place to spend the night because it was such a long drive! I got to have Sister Sowards sleep over with us last night and we just had the best time being together again! I love her! 
A Christmas miracle!

The pet feature of this week is a little snuggly chinchilla! His name is Uchtdorf - named after one of our Apostles in the church!

We also had interviews with our mission president this week! I know everyone probably says this, but I have the best mission president! He is so caring and loving and I don't know what I would do without him!
I wish he could be my lifelong therapist!
I have never met a more Christlike man, he truly emulates all the Christlike attributes that we mortals try and strive to achieve.
Humility, Charity, Patience, and complete and total faith in the Lord.

Well, if there is anything I can give ya'll this Christmas, it is a message of joy and peace to spread to the world!
We are "sharing the gift" with others this season by inviting people to watch this short video of the Savior and the reason for the season.
I have posted it below, and would invite all of you to please watch it, and share it with friends and family.

I know our Savior lives! I feel so close to him at this time and know that he hears my prayers when I am not sure if I can go on! But he lifts me up, turns my weaknesses into strengths, and carries me when I am weak.
Let us all keep the Savior in our hearts all year long, not just during the Christmas season.
Merry Christmas,
Sister Brown

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