Sunday, November 23, 2014

Great Finish, New Start!!!!‏

This weeks update is going to be pretty short.... but i will give yall one none-the-less.

We went fishing for P-DAY at the Lippencotts in our ward.
They have a stocked pond and we caught 21 fish together as a district.
I am the proud "catcher" of a whole single fish  of that above number.
Fishing is all about luck anyway.

Teaching Merissa and Tiara slowed down for a bit because they kept missing appointments, but we got the prompting to go and see them this week and stopped by their house right when they needed us. Merissa was telling us that she REALLY wants to change... and that she feels like she is being a bad mom because she has so many addictions.

So we are going to do the stop smoking workshop sometime soon with her and i'm hoping that she can be committed because her daughter Tiara has SO MUCH FAITH it amazes me, and I love teaching her! 
She asked more amazing questions about:
"During the apostasy is Jesus Christ's authority on the earth?"
and such. So she is so smart and I love her.
here is a pic of me with them

So I had a very weird experience this week. We were walking down the street tracting and this lady drives up her car REAAAALLLy slowly... rolls down her window and TAKES A PICTURE OF ME
with her iPhone. Interesting. 

Then she tells me that she's going to post it online so that everyone knows we are in the neighborhood and so they won't answer their doors....

Well I thought that was pretty rude and one of the strangest things that's happened to me on my mission. So if any of you see a MEME of me holding a Book of Mormon with a super surprised look on my face, you know where it came from...

We had a baptism this week for Scooby Thomas and it was so awesome. All of his family came to support him and there were a lot of people in attendance!
I sang the song "Come Unto Christ" as a special musical number with Scooby's sisters and I felt the spirit SO STRONGly! Music has always helped me to feel the Holy Ghost and feel close to Heavenly Father.

The Thomas family is one of my favorites here in Ocean Springs and they are my true blue southern family!

Shunta (shawn-tay) - Scooby's mom, joined the church last spring. We missionaries have been teaching her family and she feeds us every monday (and makes the best food) and slowly, her family has been joining the church! Now almost all her kids have been baptized, as well as her brother.
They do so much for us and love the missionaries. The ward loves having them too and they are such a big part of our family!

I had to say a sad goodbye to Sister Nielson this week. She is going home from her mission and onto the next phase of life! She was such a good companion for me and we did a lot of awesome work here in Ocean Springs. We have so many good memories and I just love how inspired our companions are for us; I have loved every single one of mine!

I am actually  getting to TRAIN again.... and very much looking forward to it :)
I will miss Sister Nielson as she was such a good teacher in lessons and really knows her scriptures so well. So it's time for me to step up to the plate again and be a good teacher and leader. It's fun to have a brand new missionary with you because they help you be really excited about being a missionary!
I remember when I was brand new... it seems like yesterday. Yet, a whole year has flown by.
I have grown so much and I love to teach and read my scriptures. I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to serve a mission, and especially to serve these wonderful people of the south.

Oh, i almost forgot to tell you that teaching Marionna, Tommy and Michael is going well. I really love teaching them and they are going to get baptized in a couple weeks.
For Marionna's birthday we sang to her and got her a little present. She really loved it.
They are some of my favorite investigators from my mission.

I know Christ lives, and I know he loves us.
I love you all and can't wait to update you next week with my new companion!
Much love,
Sister Brown

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