Thursday, August 21, 2014

Spiritually Sanctified


I can't believe how fast this week went by! It always seems to me that the weeks that we have a car to drive go very fast.... :)

We had Zone conference this week. All the missionaries in Shreveport gathered together for a conference together! We had an amazing time. I learned so much from the talks that were given and the testimonies that were shared.
Whenever there are missionaries leaving, they share a testimony of what they have learned with all the missionaries. It is one of the most spiritual experiences I get to have on my mission to hear how this teenagers became extraordinary people, and changed because of how much their faith in the Savior grew.
Here are some pictures from zone conference!

We won the clean car award!!!!

AND look how funny this is. Here is my companion from the MTC - Sister Hartley.
Sister Hartley is training a new missionary named Sister Bithell.
............and Sister Bithell and Sister Sowards (who I am training) were companions in the MTC!

We talked a lot at Zone Conference about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it.
Paul the Apostle taught us that out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses shall every word be established. How the Book of Mormon is convincing evidence that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world! How he loves all of his children.
And how the Book of Mormon can answer those questions of the soul that we have.

I have noticed that as I pour over the words that are written in the Book of Mormon, and I remember that they were literally written for me to read, for our generation, I find myself very emotional at the faith and courage that Nephi and his Family, Alma, and Moroni, so many of these ancient american prophets had. I want my faith to be as strong as theirs.

I invite you all to watch this wonderful video about the importance of the scriptures! It really brings them to life!!!

And I love to read the words of the Propehts and Apostles of our day, of their pure love they have for the Savior and for all the people here on the earth at this time.
This is one of my favorite talks that the General Authorities have given on the Book of Mormon.

Well I would love to tell you about a really neat experience we had this week.
We went tracting out in the country on a very hot day. As we were walking around we came to a street that we have already knocked on all the doors on that street except a few at the end.
Instead of just picking a new street, we decided to finish those last 2 houses on this street.

Well we knock on the first door and the lady opens and says:
"Hi, i'm Pentecostal and not interested."

WELL a lot of times when people say this, I don't want to offend them or bother them, so i usually just get off their porch and wish them a blessed day.
But for some reason, the Spirit of the Lord put different words in my mouth.
I said: "Mam, we respect your religion, we are just out sharing a message that is for everyone, no matter what religion you are. It will bring you closer to our Savior Jesus Christ."
She said "okay!" and let us inside!

I was a little shocked that she let us right inside and also at how wonderful the Air conditioning felt!!!! So I looked around her trailer and noticed that she has dream catches and lots of paintings of the Native American Indians around the wall.
We asked her about them and she told us that her husband is from the Apache(i think?) Indian tribe.

We we were then very excited to tell her about our message and about the Book of Mormon.
We told her with excitement that the Book of Mormon is a record of the people that lived on the American continent a very long time ago, and the people that wrote this book are the ancestors of the Native American Indians. That the book was translated into english so that she can read it!
She said she was interested in learning more about it and that she would like to read the introduction to the book.

Well, at this moment her daughter Megan walks into the room. She says
"Ohhhh Garren is going to be so happy."

We introduce ourselves to Megan and ask who Garren is and why he will be happy?"
She then tells us that Garren is her husband and that he is a mormon!

so turns out that Garren and his dad are members of the Stonewall ward here but just haven't been to church in a long time. We were very excited not only to find him, but to find his family! And we are praying that when we go back that their hearts will be open to recieve our message and know that it is true!
It was a really neat experience because if I would have just given up and walked away.... we never would have met Megan and never would have known about Garren and his dad!

I know that the Lord puts us in the right places at the right times... and that if we pay attention to the spirit, the spirit will tell us where to go and what to say. We don't have to worry, because God knows everything.
We just have to align our will with his will. Submitting entirely to the will of God.

Well in other news, We also had Stake Conference this weekend. We had 2 General Authorites come and speak to us down here in Shreveport!
Elder Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy
and Elder Blooth of the Seventy.
They spoke to us on many things, and since I am short on time, I will talk about that in my post next week :)

But I did get the opportunity to shake Elder Clayton's hand and it was really neat!

I got to see some people from my last ward at stake conference and it was so fun to see familiar faces of people that I love.

I also decided that I am going to cut my hair short! I just can't stand it anymore! Everyone say goodbye to my lucious locks.

Well you will see my new hair-do next week... I'm pretty excited!

God bless you as you share you love for Christ each day.
I pray that you will have a missionary moment sometime this week to share your testimony!

I love you!
Sister Brown

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