Wednesday, August 13, 2014

All Creatures of Our God and King!

Wow... do yall understand how much I love all of Heavenly Father's creations???
I have a lot of crazy animal pictures this week. Stay tuned.
First of all - Happy Anniversary to my parents!!!!

Marriage is not an easy thing! Man... I teach people all the time how Satan is tearing our families apart. He find so much joy in it! We know that the gospel blesses families though.... truly unites them, not only in this life, but forever. What a blessing!

I have so much to update you on - it's crazy. I'm sorry for the lack of posts, sometimes that's just how it goes!!!!

Okay. It's been a couple weeks since Sister Sowards and I have been together!

Training her is going great... I really enjoy being a trainer. It is teaching me diligence in the Lord's work. I have found that the things I am teaching her each day are a good review for me as well... So i'm kinda re-training myself in a sense. Reading each day from "Preach my Gospel" and setting goals on how to improve myself.

We have been biking.... :) Man yall know that I actually enjoy biking right?
It's so fun to be able to talk to so many people. AND... It helps me to appreciate what a privilege having a car is! I put a cute basket and bell on the front of my bike. I love to "ding" at people. Especially little kids! The other day we were biking and it started to rain!
Ya'll southerners know how it rains here.
not just a couple of raindrops.
So anyways, we tried to take a picture of how wet we were but you can't really tell! I was so sad that my scriptures got wet! :(

We had an awesome lesson with our investigator Ashlea and her friend Skyla. Ashela is the sister of a recent convert and has seen how blessed and happy her sister has been since she joined the church. Ashlea was open to learning more about it so we have been teaching her when we can! She loves the young women's program and went to girls camp a couple weeks ago with all the other girls here in the Shreveport Stake.
But we taught them the Plan of Salvation, and had them each draw their own diagram using chalk! It was a good time! I love the spirits of these sweet girls. We also went and got snowcones with them a couple weeks ago and that was fun too!

We celebrated the independence day of Vanuatu for one of our missionaries here! She is from a very small island in the Pacific ocean. We all tried to wear matching colors for our missionary meeting and she gave us flags to hold so that we could send this picture home to her family! I had to get a copy of it too because I think it's so cute!

We got to attend a baptism this past week and Sister Sowards and I sang "I am a Child of God" and did sign language as we sang! I have always wanted to learn sign language so that was so fun that Sister Sowards could teach me.
This is one of my favorite little boys.... Jakob... I think I have featured him before! But he always gives me the biggest hugs and his Christlike love makes me smile!!!

Oh, I have to include a picture from one of my favorite dinners this week - spaghetti and meatball.

moving on..................

We went on exchanges recently and I was companions for the day with Sister White! Sister White and Sister Brown... everyone we met thought that was hilarious. I thought it was hilarious at how much sweat I had dripping down my nose! I have decided to invest in some handkerchiefs so that I don't always have to wipe my face on my skirt.
Sister Sowards went with Sister Giddens who is one of my favorite friends! She reminds me so much of Josie Mae, my sister... and I hope that one day Josie grows up to be as awesome as Sister Giddens. Not to mention her AMAZING singing voice.

I don't know if many of you know of my secret love for David Archuleta. He recently returned home from his mission in Chile and man oh man..... would I love to go on a date with him.
Sister Jones (a member of the ward here) showed me this new feature for him in one of the church magazines! Apparently they made a film of a little bit of his missionary service or something.... AH! I was in love!

Sister Sowards and I were out tracting and I think we got heat exhaustion. So we decided to take a pit stop at a gas station. I bought the biggest sipper of gatorade I could find and we also got a hot dog and sat on the curb and ate them like homeless people!!!! The situation was a little funny but I wish there would have been somewhere in the gas station to sit down and rest!!!!

Well I guess I will now do the feature of all the new friends I have made recently.

Watching a chihuahua drive a car.

Finding a stray dog that looked like my old dog buddy. (Don't worry, we found the owners)

Finding a ginormous mushroom. (Can you tell how humid it was? My camera lens was very foggy.)

Meeting a very cute dog - Bella - that has eyes like me! Mine aren't quite this drastic, but I loved this sweet dog!!!!


Catching a frog on someone's door knob.

And last but not least..... Teaching a green anole lizard how to do his family history.

Hope you all enjoyed that!

A couple miracles from the week.....

On sunday we went and sang Primary songs to an old folks home and they absolutely loved it. It was just a blessing to feel of their sweet spirits and those that are close to our heavenly father.
It made me miss my grandparents! I hope to always keep this tradition alive!

One of our investigators Ken is really progressing and it has been so fun to answer all his questions. This week he really expressed his desire for baptism. The spirit was so strong! We told him that baptism is the first step, but really he is changing his life for Jesus Christ.

I can't wait to give you another update next week, but for now that will have to do because I am out of time! I love you, I love Jesus Christ, and I love his restored gospel that is found in his living church.

Sister Brown

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