Thursday, July 24, 2014

One Nation, Under God

God Bless America! My home Sweet Home!

I hope you all had a patriotic 4th of July. The older I get and more I learn about the world and the history of our country, the more this is becoming my favorite holiday!

The really cool part about american history that I got to study this year was all about...
The Book of Mormon - Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

The Book of Mormon is written by prophets that were here in america, during the time that the Bible was being written.

They had faith in God, they received revelation on the people of america and they had to fight with the non believers in memory of their "God, their religion, and their freedom."
There is an amazing story in the book about one of the war captains, who ripped his coat and made what he called "The Title of Liberty" declaring their stance on their freedom throughout the land!
-Alma 46:12
if you would like to read about this story, click here.

When Columbus got here, there were already people here. Columbus was "led by the spirit of God to this country!!!!!" (for more info click below)

These are the people that the Book of Mormon talks about. The ancestors of the ancient American Indians. They had to fight for their freedom in the land too!

Well Sister Jenkins and I had a great 4th of July. One of the families here fed us a very festive lunch, it looks like it could be a pinterest legend.

The rest of the day was pretty normal besides knocking on people's doors. We got to talk to two lonely women that day and sing them songs and visit with them and talk about the freedom of our country.

*There was a very awkward moment when we decided to knock on peoples doors and sing them the national anthem, kind of like Christmas caroling.
Well one door... a British lady answered. But we didn't know. We started to sing, and she interrupted us and told us that she wasn't american..... oh man...*

We got to watch the fireworks with the Glass family, and thought of what our families would be doing at that time. Sister Jenkins will be home to her family soon!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Sister Jenkins adopted a dog. We aren't allowed to have pets, but she is sending home the dog to her family because little miss Katy needed a home and a family since hers dumped her in the animal shelter.
It happened to work out that one of the families here is going to visit Logan, Utah, where Sister Jenkins is from, and they are going to take the dog with them and give it to her family!!! haha!

Well unfortunately I don't have too much to update this week, and i don't have a lot of time! We are working with lots of people and hopefully will be able to get a lot of work done this week before Sister Jenkins goes home.

I am so grateful for the time I have to be here on a mission. I have learned so much about the freedom that God gives us when we keep his commandments.

I love the freedom that our country was founded on and I know that the people here have been inspired by god, whether it be Christopher Columbus, The people of the Book of Mormon, our Founding Fathers.

I know that this land was prepared by God to be the Promised land, in which the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ could be restored and spread to the Gentiles and Jews, to be spread to the world.
I know that through the revolutionary war, and the Bill of Rights, and our constitution, this land was prepared and held in the hands of God, until it was time and there was an opportunity for another prophet to be called in this land in the Latter-Days.

I know that prophet was Joseph Smith, and that he saw what he saw, and heard what he says that he heard. I know that he was able to translate the Book of Mormon into the English language - only by the Power of God, and I am grateful we have this beautiful and sacred record of the people who lived in this country long ago.

I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon, and read the history of our country it contains. It will bless you so much in your lives, and give you a greater sense of direction and purpose.

I love our Savior, Jesus Christ, and I know that he ministered to the people here in America as well as the people in Jerusalem.

This is the message I get to share every day with the world, and I love it so much.
There is much hope to be found in our country! I pray that we excercise faith and keep ourselves personally prepared for the Savior to come again, because he will!
He Lives!!!!

Let Freedom Ring,
Sister Brown

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