Monday, November 25, 2013

Everything you wanted to know about Louisianna

Greeting everyone! I hope you all are doing well!

Here are some random things about Louisiana
* Shreveport, Louisiana is mentioned in princess and the frog!
Prince Naveen: Excuse me, but your accent, it is funny. 
Ray: I'm a Cajun, bro. Born and bred in the bayou! Y'all not from 'round here, are ya? 
Prince Naveen: Actually, we are from a place far, far away from this world. 
Ray: Go to bed! Y'all from Shreveport? 

* Gas is only $2.90

* The baptists and a couple other religions have little buses to pick people up for church! The sad thing is that a lot of people just stick their kids on the buses and send them off....

* The movie theater has shows playing like "Grace", "Church Girl", and "Counselor"

* Yard Sales are year round down here

* Almost everyone and their dog has a dog. Every time we knock on someone's door, you can *cue* the eruption of dog barking!

(I love how she is talking about trees but standing by a lamp post:) Madi Adele)

Well I have had an eventful week as usual! I love seeing the change the gospel is bringing to people's lives.
While tracting this past week we knocked on the door of a trailer and an grandma answered the door. She let us in and told us her name was Shirley. She kept asking our names and told us how beautiful we are about 100 times. I'm almost positive she has Alzheimers and it made me miss my grandparents while we were talking with her!

We also met with the Lewis's and they have a very special place in my heart. They are both converts and have a love for sister missionaries since that's who they were converted by! Sister Lewis has Lugheric's disease... a disease that attacks the nerves. She can't talk anymore, but communicates by drawing letters in the air for us to see and then we have to guess what word she spelled. Her little dog Sam takes good care of her and holds a napkin for her so she can wipe her mouth. She is one of the sweetest spirits I have met out here and I could tell she loved having us there to visit her. We sang "Lead Kindly Light" (my favorite hymn) to her and she loved it. There will be a special place for her in Heaven.

Our district did some service this weekend for a family who moved her from Arizona. We helped them move into their new house which is SO beautiful! I love the big old houses with the big old porches! It was fun to hang out with the Elders and all work together!

I had been sleeping on an air mattress but one of the members of the ward gave me a cot to sleep on instead and it's so much better!!! I love having my quilt here that my mom sent me! I made this quilt with the Beytiens while I lived in Iowa this summer.
Shoutout to all my Iowa friends and Family, I miss you!

Well you know you're being a good missionary when you have to give up your lunch break because you have so many appointments in one day! I absolutely love my companions. We all get along SO well and will be friends for forever! It's so good to be sharing this experience with them! Rumor has it that our tri-panionship is ROCKING it! We have gotten a couple congratulations even!

I love the people of the south. Our friend Elton is one of the craziest men I have ever met, but he has such a thirst for God in his life and we LOVE meeting with him. When we met with him the other day, we saw him throw his bottle of alcohol over the fence when he saw us coming... it was pretty funny :)

Well i miss you all and hope you are doing well.
Please keep my Uncle Mikey and my friend Maddie Morris in your prayers.

Love, Sister Brown

Quote of the week: Come to church. Church isn't a museum of the Saints - but rather a hospital for the sinners. We go because we need help!  -Sister Simpson

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