Monday, April 6, 2015


Did you know? That Because HE lives....
WE ALL can live.
A free gift to all the children of Heavenly Father.... Christ sacrificed himself, so that we can all have the opportunity to return back to our Heavenly home.
And when Christ died - he broke the bands of death.
The Son of God, sinless, perfect.
Took up his body again, to reign personally as our savior for all eternity.
And because he rose again, he lives on. He lives today.
He love you. He loves me.

please watch the video above for an easter message about our risen Lord!

a few highlights from my week....................>>>>>>>>

Hugging Sister Sowards for the last time in a while! She has been called to be a Sister Training Leader in our mission and I am so proud of her! What a blessing missions are. I have made some of the best friends of my life.

I'm so blessed as a missionary to have a cell phone! I realized this week how much we depend on it to schedule everything and for the people in our area to communicate with us!
Received a phone call from Marionna, Tommy and Michaels grammy this week. I love my Miss Carla! She was one of the 1st people I met when I got here to ocean springs and she and her family have been who i was meant to work with! Miss Carla told us that she wanted us to teach her how to quit smoking so that she can go to the temple soon with her family!
I was so excited! She wanted us to teach her that night... and then she asked if anyone was feeding us dinner!
The people here are so nice. I got dinner AND a teaching appointment in the same phone call :) :)

Dinner at the Harris's this week. Gabe has a very important question to ask us. Bobby is the dad who got baptized in december. Gabe is the 19 yr old son and we have been working with him for a while. Here is me with the harris's at christmas time.

well he asks us "when can I get baptized?"
I love that question! :)

We had our "meet the mormons" event and it went pretty well. We had a few of our investigators come and they really enjoyed the video, it really helped them learn who we are!!!! That we believe in the savior Jesus Christ and that we know he is a part of our every day lives! That He is here! The youth in our ward did an amazing job inviting their friends to come as well.

That moment when you open a bag of chips that expires the same day that you do.... :( this made me cry. It's going to be really bad when I get milk that expires when I do.

I had a hard weekend. Everyone and their dog went to the Air Show in Biloxi at the air force base and Sister Nash and I knocked on door after door after door.... no one talked to us except a lady that was really rude and told us that we don't believe in the same Jesus Christ! I tried to explain to her that we do.... but she would listen. She just kept interrupting me and telling me that Jesus Christ rose on the 3rd day, and that he will come back again soon, and that he died so that we can all be saved. I just wanted to yell "THAT'S WHAT I BELIEVE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" But... she wouldn't listen.

I wish that people just knew that I believe in the same things they do, but just even more so.... and that the message I can share with them will make so much sense and bring them even more joy than they already have! We don't ask anyone to give up the truths they already treasure... we ask them to test our message and see if it goes hand in hand with what you do already love ! That's what I love about the restored gospel! It is the true living gospel upon this earth just as it always has been! HE IS HERE!

Seeing the thunderbirds in the sky was COOL! It was like star wars. I love just looking at the sky. Everything around us denotes there is a God in Heaven who loves us.

A miracle from this week was that Marionna, Tommy, Linda, and Julie all got to go to the temple this week! They all did baptisms for those who have already died without the chance! They said it was the strongest they have felt the spirit and that the temple is amazing! To see everyone in white and to see all the beautiful pictures of Christ. The temple truly is the house of the Lord.
Julie and Linda made my day by telling me that she wants to come to the Salt Lake Temple next year and come visit me. They are starting to save up the money now. :')

I loved watching the women's broadcast of conference. If you missed it, you can watch it here.............>

The women in the church told us how important families are. And how important we as women are!
This was one of my favorite quotes from conference

Strong eternal families and Spirit-filled homes do not just happen. They take great effort, they take time, and they take each member of the family doing his or her part. Every home is different, but every home where even one individual seeks for truth can make a difference. …

I am so looking forward to conference this weekend. It is like the superbowl on a mission! SOOO exciting to hear what the prophets and apostles want us to know! If you would like to tune in for conference, just check out the church website this weekend at
It is HIS conference! He will speak to us through his servants!

Thank you for all your love and I hope that yall have a wonderful easter. I know the Savior lives. I know he loves us all personally. I have felt the warmth of my saviors love this week especially in the moments of discouragement. Wherever you are, whoever you are, I testify that you are never too far away to feel the light of the saviors love. He knows you perfectly and because he lives, you have the opportunity to have JOY in this life.

You are amazing!
Love, Sister Brown

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