Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow my Gosh!‏

Well as you all know it has been freezing cold. It actually SNOWED for a little while here in Louisiana. It was very exciting and no one was outside besides us sister missionaries..... Everyone called us crazy for being out in the cold weather... yet very few people would let us inside to share a message of Jesus Christ with them.... brrrrr! I am surviving off those little handwarmers you can buy at the store and you shake them and keep them in your pocket!!

As missionaries, people in our church down here volunteer to feed us sometimes! So we love when we get to eat with the members of our church.
I need some more ideas of gospel activities/object lessons we can share with families with little children! One of our favorites this week was to hand them our empty backpacks, have them put it on, and then stand up and sit down a couple times.
Easy right?
Okay, now lets add some sins.
Maybe you disobeyed your mom... (add a book)
Maybe you told a lie.... (add another couple books)
Maybe you didn't clean your room when your dad asked you to... (add a couple more books)
And maybe you hit your brother! (add the rest)

Okay. Now can you sit up and down? Usually the answer is no.....
So we tell them how Christ doesn't want us to carry these burdens all by ourselves.
Read Matthew 11:28-29

We tell them how Christ doesn't promise to take away all our problems... but he wants to help us in every way that he can. He doesn't want us to carry our backpacks by ourselves!
*Lift Backpack for them* *Have them sit up and down*
Isn't it easier when i am helping you?
I can help you take some of these books out too!!!

So, if any of you have ideas for more activities we can do with kids... let me know!
Shoot me an email any time.

Sister Lewis isn't doing very well... her Lou Gehrig's disease is making her really weak and every time we go to visit her I just want to cry. I love her so much and it makes me so sad to see her suffer and not be able to talk. But she and Brother Lewis love our visits so much and I always feel the spirit so strong in their home.
Sister Lewis told us about how her grandma keeps coming to visit her. (who passed away quite a long time ago.) Luckily her daughter moved in to help take care of her and Brother Lewis too as he isn't doing too well himself. Their dog got outside and he was trying to get him back and he tripped and fell down. His whole face was bruised and I felt so bad for them!

Well Bill is getting ready to leave soon! He finished truck driving school and is going to hit the road pretty soon! Yee hoo!
We got pulled over by the cops this week! We had our car parked on the side of the road and we were trying to make some phone calls because all our appointments had cancelled. Apparently the house we were parked in front of called the cops for "suspicious car parked in front of their house..."
SO the cops came and asked if we were lost and what we were doing and we told them that we are missionaries... just making a couple phone calls.
The Lady cop said: "oh.... okay well I bet I know exactly who called in this area..."
So basically someone just has anxiety about people on their street and probably calls the cops way too often.

One more weird experience from the week.
Sister D really wanted to go to this house that had no trespassing signs and beware of dog signs. She was really "feelin it" Sister Holbrook was not "feelin it." I was basically indifferent, so I said #YOSO (you only serve once) and we clomped through the yard and knocked the door.
As we walk through the ward there is a big black hummer with a skull sticker on the back window... mysterious animal bones... poopy diapers... and garbage galore decorating the lawn.... eww.
But we knocked on the door and asked if we could "share a message of Jesus Christ" with them, but they said they were all sick.
There was an Asian girl sitting on the stairs who said Hi to us as well. Sister D loves Asians. So we walked away.
The day went on and we prayed to know where we need to go.... So then we drove about 20 miles away to go see some people.
We tracted later on and as we walked down the street we noticed the same Hummer with the same black sticker and we thought how WEIRD that was!
So we knocked on the door and a nice lady answered but said she was busy planning a baby shower. As she closed the door we saw the same Asian girl as before sitting on the couch in the front room!!!! WHAT?! We were in a completely different area... it was so weird!
Is God having us stalk you? Do you need the Gospel of Jesus Christ????

Well I want to leave you all with my testimony of the Book of Mormon today. I absolutely love to study the Bible and read about Christ's life. What I love even more is to have a FULL understanding of Christ's teachings and his Character. I love to read the record of the people in the America's at the same time as the Bible was written and compare what was going on in their world. I love to know that God loves ALL his children and the people in Jerusalem weren't the only ones that he sent his son to see.
That's simply what the Book of Mormon is - ANOTHER testament of Jesus Christ. So the Bible doesn't have to stand alone as a book of scripture. HE LIVES and LOVES us so much.
By reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon side by side, I am able to FULLY understand and comprehend what the ancient prophets were trying to tell us. That Christ is real, and the only way to get through life... is by faith! If you haven't read the Book of Mormon... You really should find out for yourself what it is all about! Don't take my word for it....
Until next week I am signing off!
Lots of Love, Sister Brown

Kids say the Darndest things dinner conversations:
Sister D: "So what's your favorite cereal?"
Miles: "Waffles."

Miles: "And my favorite Bat is a normal bat."

.....What? Haha, I love little children!

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  1. Sister Brown! I look forward to and love your happy (always) face and your testimony and your strength to keep on trudging! God bless you. Teresa Olsen