Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Different Fire

Well this week was really weird!
I have been slightly out of commission because I have had strep throat! But I will tell you a little about the week.

We had a great Happy New Year, and stayed inside because of all the crazy people! It was awesome to set some new years goals.
The theme of my year this year is going to be
"Perfect use of the Lord's time."
Because really this time that I am out here serving isn't my time... it is time to do the Lord's work, and I am not going to waste any of his time!

We had a district meeting on how we are going to do better missionary work - and that is going to be through the members. We listened to this really awesome CD about how to share the gospel with your friends called
"The Missionary Next Door"
We are getting the members really pumped up about doing missionary work and I can't wait to see what happens as they reach out more to their friends and help them! The Elders even made dinner!

On Wednesday I was really sick so I spent the day with the Simpsons (the senior couple in our area) and it was so hard for me to just stay inside and not be out serving people and preaching the gospel!

Later on in the week we got to visit Richard - an amazing guy who was baptized into the church this past summer. He loves to restore motorcycles and plays the guitar. He has a crazy property he lives on with his dad. My family would refer to it as "Picking Paradise" (if you have ever seen the show American Pickers.)
They even have a goat! Her name is Nanny.

Motorcycle Restoration Project

Pond in the Backyard
Home-made squirrel Feeder

Yesterday we went to church and had a couple of investigators that were able to make it with us, but right when church was going to start, Bishop Doan got up and said:
"Well, everyone we are so glad you were able to come to church today, but unfortunately we are going to have to cancel because there is a very strong gas smell and we cannot currently figure out where it is coming from."

So for safety.... they cancelled church!

It was so weird! But then we were able to go have a lesson with the Cotton's and one of our investigators named Cheyanna and it went really well!

Then later that night we were having dinner with the McCabe family (they are a family in our ward here) and we were having tinfoil dinners, or hobo dinners as we call them back at my house. We made our own and put whatever we wanted in it. And in the south, we have rabbit and shrimp in our hobo dinners!
I picked the seeds out of the jalapenos for everyone even though I hate them.

Then during the middle of our lesson I rubbed my eyes and got jalepeno juice all over my eyeballs.

It was some of the most excruciating pain I have ever been in! I tried to run to the bathroom but ran into the couch....

I used a makeup wipe to wipe all my makeup off, but that just rubbed the juice all over my face. By this time my whole face is burning and I am just screaming and crying, not knowing what to do!
I then took my contacts out, and then whole process started over; as the juice was released from my contacts.

Needless to say... it was a wild night, but the McCabe family helped take care of me by rinsing my eyes out with cold water over their kitchen sink, and my face and eyes finally calmed down!!! It was the craziest thing that ever happened and I am never touching a Jalapeno again!

I hope you all got a laugh out of that story because it sure makes a good tale now.

It sure is cold here in the south; I'm wearing multiple pairs of tights trying to stay warm. Wasn't it supposed to be hot here?

Well that's all for today, but thanks for all the love ya'll send me!
Much Love,
Sister Brownie

Awkward moment of the week:

A little boy was getting baptized in our ward this week and I told the family that we could bring cupcakes for people to eat!
The mom said they were having a green theme, so if we could bring green cupcakes that would be totally awesome.

Turns out we didn't have anything to make green cupcakes with, so we just brought cucumbers instead! Besides... everyone wants to be more healthy, right?

Another awkward moment of the week:
While we were tracting we met a guy named Matt! We told him we are Mormon missionaries and he said:
"Oh, you guys are polygamists."
Which we responded with: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not practice polygamy!!!
Then matt said:
"Oh, well I heard that Mormons have to wear one-sies or else Indians will attack you at night while you are sleeping."

We had someone else ask us this week if Joseph Smith was the man who saw spaceships and talked to aliens.

Well I am glad for each day I get to bust Mormon myths! It sure makes me laugh sometimes....some people have the craziest ideas about us.... but really, we are normal people just striving for extra-ordinary future.

If any of your friends or family have misconceptions about Mormons, you can point them in the direction of this website!

Here are some bonus pictures including puppy love, pony riding, roll eating, and sparkling baby cowgirl boots.

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