Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Beginning

I am glad you are here today.

Let's just jump right in.....

Once upon a time, a girl named Marissa decided that she wanted to go on a mission. Marissa is from Utah, but currently living in Maquoketa Iowa, doing a summer internship.
Acquired mission papers.... Filled them out and had them submitted 1 WEEK LATER.
Bam. You could say I don't like to wait around.
Waiting.... patiently..... ANXIOUSLY...
Thinking it would take a month at least because mission work is #trending
So, my family comes from Utah to visit me and we make a roadtrip to NAUVOO...... city of the saints.
Ring Ring.... What is this?! A phone call from the Bishop??? Probably have to sub for primary.....
WHAAAAA.... seriously?
Everyone: "Okay we are extending our family vacation an extra week so that we can watch you open it!"

5 days later.... the call arrives.
I check the mailbox... and there it sits. Waiting very patiently for me.
But patient is not the word I would use to describe myself!!!!

After running inside, setting up skype and google hangouts, getting people on the phone, and marking everyone's guesses on the map..... I grabbed a knife.

But the knife wasn't working... so I just ripped it open like a Christmas present.

By now my heart palpitations are increasing immensely.

I suddenly feel quite emotional... and have to blink to clear my eyes of the tears... I NEED TO SEE!!!!

I think in my head of everywhere I wanted to go... Africa... New Zealand... Italy.... Argentina.... Australia!
And then I push the thoughts away and start to read.

Sister Brown,
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Mississippi Jackson Mission.

English Speaking... Leaving October 23.

So many feelings at one time.... really indescribable!!!
Okay... hold up... I need a minute!!!
Run down to my room and take a minute to cry and pray.
God, is this really where you need me? Please bless me to feel comfort and grateful! I am excited to serve the children of God... wherever they are.

The answer didn't come at first, but it's been the little things that have testified to me that the Lord needs me in MISSISSIPPI! (and by the way... I still spell it in my head EVERY SINGLE TIME I have to write or spell it.)

The more I learn about the place, the people, and let's get real here... THE FOOD....
The more excited I get.
Isn't it beautiful that God knows exactly where will be the perfect place for me?

Shout out to the man upstairs!!! You know my true heart.


  1. Marissa!! I LOVE you!! :) This post was so much fun to read. You're gonna be an awesome missionary. My brother-in-law opened his mission call to Mississippi and was like "uhhhh do you think I can resubmit my papers and get a redo?" Haha not really... but yeah. He absolutely LOVED his mission! It completely changed him. He never would have married my sister without some of the experiences he had. He went back there to help with clean-up during the flooding.

    1. Cait!!! Girl that is fantastic! And thank you for the sweet words :) I was a little disappointed at first.... but now I am SOOOO excited!!!!!
      When did your brother serve there? I want as much information as I can get about the mission!!
      But anyways... that is awesome. And I love you!